Jilted, Broken But For A Purpose– (Part 2)

Incase you missed the first part, you can read it here: Jilted, Broken Part 1

Sola never knew what was coming next. She went on a visit to his house and tried to talk some sense into him and then he began to realise what he had done and apologized to her, he even went on his knees to beg her.

They continued with their relationship and things went well for 3weeks until he finally travelled out. There was a break a communication because he was still trying to settle down. They either communicated by mail, blackberry messenger , twitter etc.

Bidemi started getting cold on her again, she noticed it and started complaining. He didn\’t seem to be interested in anything that would disturb him so he kept shunning her off. Sola had her exams in cold pain. She even got sick but tried to be strong. Bidemi never cared about her health or exams, he didnt even know what was happening with her again. He became so full of himself. He became harsh and cold and never gave her reasons for his behaviour.

Sola couldn\’t bear it. She kept trying to reach him. She cried and cried and got so lean. She kept fasting and praying but it did nothing. She couldn\’t tell her friends. She was so embarassed. It was so painful. All her words fell on deaf ears. He kept complaining that she was nagging. It went on and on until he broke up with her over a chat. She wanted his attention but he grew cold on her and broke up with her in a painful way.

She felt the whole world was crashing on her. It was unbelievable. \”How cold this happen to me? You just left with no reasons, nothing, not even as a friend but as an enemy\”. She kept wondering what she did wrong but it was finally over. She told his sister but it didnt help much and finally it came to an end after a full 2years of being together.

Sola found it difficult to bounce back. She grew lean everyday. She tried to focus. She ignored attention from men but one day she realised that her pains had a purpose. She was meant to teach other people how to avoid getting heartbroken. She wanted to tell people the signs to watch out for. She wanted ladies to watch out for his non challant attitudes and unseriousness. Today she is helping lives.

She is impacting into young ladies/Men. She is teaching them how to become a better person. That person could be you and you shouldnt regret your past.

Some of you have gone through so many ill things in life but out of your mistery and mistakes lies your ministry.

Stop wallowing in tears about it. Learn to forgive and move on with that heartbreak. It would open your eyes to signs you didnt pay attention to before.

This message is for you.

Thanks for reading………….

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