Marriage For The Deaf, Dumb And The Blind

So many singles out there are scared of getting married. The fear of loosing out gets on their mind. Even the married are getting divorced, enough worries for the unmarried.

The truth is that Marriage in its own sense is like building a family for years, it starts from the scratch to the foundation and it keeps moving on.

Marriage is an institution you can never stop learning from. Different stages and different period. My friend, e be like seasonal film. Africa kind of marriage is even funny. The educated lifestyle is different from the uneducated lifestyle of marriage.

In some home, the man is the head while in some , the woman is the head. Anyways, the man is supposed to be the head while the woman gets to be the neck. She directs the head. As weak as she might look, there is power in how she directs her home.

Marriage is not for babies. Not even for perfect people because only God is perfect. We have our flaws in one area or the other, thank God for God's grace.

For every sector in life, it is good to get wisdom and in all your gettings , get understanding.

I saw a piece online and found great sense in it and it is going to form the basis of this article.

It goes thus:

"As I sat inside a crowded bus, I noticed a Man, sitting by my side with his wife. They were dressed in uniform native attire and both looked moody. I was about to preach in the bus but the
Holy Spirit held me back, and whispered in my heart; "Be quiet and observe!" I obeyed. Not long afterward, the Woman began to quarrel with her husband, then shouted at another
female passenger sitting close by, before fighting with the bus conductor!

Other passengers were hurling insults at her husband for being unable to control his wife, but the Man just sat quietly, smiling, as if saying to them in his mind; "Welcome to my World!"
As I fixed my eyes on the Man, observing his calmness, God whisperred something strange into
my heart:

God said; "Son, sometimes, it takes the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blind shorter time to enjoy Marriage better than the Perfect Human Being!"

I was confused! I asked for explaination, and God said: "Everyone who wants the best out of Marriage should learn wisdom from the. Deaf, Dumb and Blind!

Being deaf to the insultive words and offenses of your partner; being Blind to their errors, weaknesses, short-
comings, mistakes and failures;
then being Dumb in times of misunderstandings, especially when you are ANGRY, so that you don't injure those you claim to Love with your Words!

Only the Brave, Courageous and Wise can apply this hidden Wisdom to act Deaf, Dumb & Blind!

It takes true Humility to deal with Pride and Selfishness!

Marriage is not for PERFECT PEOPLE but only for MATURED PEOPLE."

Hmmmmn, after going through this , i realised that in the pillars of marriage, there would be enough arguments, you would even wonder why you married your spouse but at the end, handling it well matters most.

So many marriages would have been saved if wisdom had been applied. Women have a lot of work to do. A prayerful wife is a winning woman at all times. Women should learn to settle their marriage on their knees with God rather than nag with their mouths.
Learn from good role models. Apply the truth in the bible. Don't just act in your ways.

If you are found in the company of fools, they would surely show you the way to end your marriage. They will give you rules on how to dictate to your wives, on how to control your husbands.

Some wives out there have no say in their home where the husband is the dictator. The truth is , for a marriage to succeed, the husband and wife must humble themselves before God and ask wisdom and guidance in handling their home. The man should not force things, he is to love his wife. Women are to be submissive, even if they don't agree to their husbands sometimes, there are better ways to go about it rather than nag all the way about it.

Wisdom is the principal thing. God ochestrated Marriage and He is the only one that has the best idea on handling it. His counsel alone should stand.

Marriage takes a whole lot of patience, work, time, sacrifice, selflessness, trust, communication, openess , so many things just to make it work.

May the Lord help us all to have the best marriage on earth.

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