(Must Read): How To Stay Connected And Close To Your Partner In Your Relationship


True Relationships are becoming difficult to come by these days. Its not just about being with someone, you need to make it work too. There would always be the winter and summer times but it is not enough to douse the love between you both. You have to make it a job to make things work and quit fantasising about love wonderlands. The truth is that everyday wouldn\’t be juicy.
Here are some tips to make it all new and fresh again:
1. Develop An Effective Communication
A. Talk more: Create time to always talk to each other. Don\’t allow your busy routine swallow up your time. Even if its 5minutes you have, use it with your partner. Talk about everything. Feel like you are seeing physically. Create an avenue to talk. Be romantic. Be free. This connection keeps the relationship alive.
B. Learn To Listen More: People enjoy talking to someone who is ready to listen and get involved in the communication. Nobody wants to feel snubbed or ignored. There should be some attention and the likes. This applies in relationships too. Don\’t sound like its \”boring\” or \”not interested\”. It can turn your partner off. If you are talking physically, show body movement to prove that you are listening. Give some gestures. Use your eyes, head and hands to respond too. If you are on the phone, you can give sounds to show that you are listening. Don\’t be too eager to hang up because you are tired. Don\’t be quick to contribute or act like \’I know it all\’. In this way , you will get your partner attention and time anyday.

2. Appreciate each other
A. Always express the right feelings: Don\’t be silent at all times expecting your partner to read your mind. Learn to tell her how beautiful she looks, how sweet her voice is. Let him know he barbed a nice style and he sounds sexy too. Research shows that complimenting a person helps lift their self esteem. They feel better about themselves. Tell a woman she is ugly and her day would be ugly but tell her she looks beautiful and her day would go very fine and beautiful. Our partners believe what we say, negative or positive so we must learn to use our words rightly. Stop waiting for your partner to be appreciate outside, pick up your phone and send a nice and adoring message. Pick up the phone and tell her how much you love her. A woman loves to hear the assurance of your love to her. Men also love to hear you appreciate their efforts. Try it out today.
B. Exchange Gifts: Appreciation should not end in words. Learn to exchange gifts too. Surprise your partner with something you know they yearn for. It doesn\’t have to be big, but let something come from you. Ladies, try to give your man gifts too. It makes them feel you care too. Don\’t be stingy. Its not about receiving every time. Learn to give too. Men, giving should be a pleasure if you love her. You don\’t need to request for sex in return. You don\’t need to feel she is indebted to you or brag to your friends. A man who loves his woman sure knows how to take care of her.
3. Be close to each others\’ family
A. Meet each other parents: Except if you are both not serious, why hide each other from your parents? It doesn\’t make you feel close and committed. Though some do this and still break up but it is a good way of feeling close. Visit her parents, vice versa. That\’s what responsible people do.
B. Meet Your Friends Too: Let her know your close pals and know her friends too. There is no need for extra closeness but just a formal way for friendship.
4. Do activities together
A. Learn To Both Catch Fun: Visit nice places together. Go on dates. Not just for wedding parties but your own special occasions. Celebrate your anniversaries. keep the date of when you met and celebrate it. Go for functions and events together. Its a good way of staying close.
B. Help Your Spiritual Pattern: Do spiritual exercises together. Have a timetable for studying the bible and praying together even with the distance. You don\’t need to do it together as it can lead to temptation too but share and talk about it on the phone. Praying together is a very cool thing to do. If you haven\’t been doing it, you can start now.
4. Challenge each other to do better in life. Achieve your goals together. Help and support each other in the area of expertise and calling. Learn to be a pillar. Share life goals together and endeavour to support each other to make it work.
That is just some few tips to staying close and connected. I would like to hear from you too.

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