(Must Read) The Effects Of The Monster Called \”Masturbation\”

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Masturbation has so much effects on the Body, Soul and Spirit of a man. A man is a component of the body which is the flesh, the soul which entails the mind and will, and the spirit which is the wheel of breathe and life. Whatever enters your mind can take effect on the body and the spirit.

Every view on masturbation online is filled up with advises on how to enjoy masturbation. No risk! No pain!! No health adverse!!! People are being misled by people who don\’t understand the depth of an addiction that is unclean.

This is a complaints from someone who is addicted to masturbation:

Hello. Please I need help. Am 23years old now and I have been Masturbating since I was 16years old which is seven years now. It started when I watched porn with my friends and I couldn\’t control my urge. My friends advised me to masturbate so as to feel relieved. I enjoyed it and ever since then I have been doing it. I tried stopping but still I couldn\’t stop it. I don\’t know why? I feel without masturbating, it would be difficult to do my daily activities. I do it 2 or 3 times a week but I can\’t stop it. I am trying to stop it but I can\’t. Now I have lost my half hair and my body also going slim. please I am kindly asking you to give me an advice to stop it. if I see a porn movie, it\’s automatically tells me to masturbate. Have I lost my energy and senses by masturbating? please tell me how to stop it? I have been praying. I need help.

Another guy said he has been masturbating for 15years now and he doesn\’t know how to stop it. That\’s just few of the masturbation issues.

So many people feel that masturbation is just like playing football. They think its a normal exercise you should grow up doing. For the addict part, they feel its normal to get addicted to what you enjoy doing overtime and hence, place masturbation as fun, pleasurable, normal and satisfying for daily relieve from or without sex.

Masturbation has its own effects. It can kill a man physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and health-wise. In my own terms. It can lead to both psychological and physiological imbalances. Let me highlight four effects of masturbation.

1. Physical Damage:

A person who masturbates regularly especially a man is likely to be slim in stature because of loss of appetite to eat and loss of blood. Some people are luckily chubby. Most people who went through it for longer number of years can confirm that they were slim for a long time. It doesn\’t mean every slim guy you see on the road masturbates.

The side effects of such changes to the body include: Fatigue( Feeling tired all the time), Lower back pain , Thinning hair / Hair Loss, Redness of the vagina as a result of excess rubbing etc.

2. Health Wreck:

A person who masturbates regularly has to ejaculate (for men) always also which can affect the sexual organs. It causes loss of blood. You have to keep producing new sperms. Stressing his hand on it can make it sterile and for a lady it causes redness etc. It can cause some minor form of sicknesses too. Females that are addicted to masturbation may need a cure for vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness and infections on regular basis due to over masturbation and may also face problems like sexual exhaustion, distressed liver and low libido. Some women also grow a tendency of not reaching orgasm as excessive practice of unnatural sex makes normal sex boring and too much straining to them. Increased risk of cancer. Abrasions or swelling of the penis Difficulty in performing real sexual intercourse because of a weak erection, Premature ejaculation, Semen leakage, Reduced orgasm, Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex etc………….

3. Mental Disorder:

People who masturbate suffer from emotional breakdown. They fix themselves on a scene, thought, image etc to perform their sexual rite. They get used to the system which can affect their sex life with their partner. Every little thing can arouse them. It also encourages self-gratification. It makes you concentrate more on yourself.

Satisfying yourself even when you are married and your partner needs you. Masturbation affects people mentally than physically.

What few people don\’t understand is that chronic masturbation will affect the physical structure of your brain which can actually change your personality too.

A man or woman who viewed pornography and masturbated for 20 years was told by his doctor:

\”You have destroyed your mind by fantasizing. You have dug a deep channel going in one direction. The rest of your mind is atrophied!\”

He literally developed a “one track mind.” Sadly, he had a high level engineering brain and held a professional management position.

4. Spiritual Break Down:

A man who lusts after a sexual image, body, scene, material or thought breaks his connection from the spirit being. God is holy and cannot withstand the sight of immorality or uncleanness. It weakens your spiritual life. There is always a guilt feeling after every act. Don\’t pretend, you always hate yourself after promising never to do it and yet you still fall to it. You could be an usher, chorister, pastor or church member and be suffering from the effects. It stops the flow of the God\’s presence in your life.

Masturbation can be stopped by God\’s grace. So many people out there are tired of being caged in it. They need help including you. Most people started it at a young age. Some were introduced to it. What\’s your own story? How did you start? Ain\’t you tired?

Are you are looking for a way out?

Good news!!!!!!!

There is going to be a BBM master class and personal guidance on step by step ways of overcoming masturbation tagged \”The journey to a masturbation free life\”.

We can\’t stop it but God can. Let\’s tell you what has helped us and others. You don\’t have to masturbate to join the class. You can even join the class to help others you know going through it. It could also be for the sake of gaining the knowledge.

To join the master class, Add up Admin on this pin to get more details: BB: 3305AD48 and 7D7A7111.

Your confessions are strictly confidential.

This is the fourth series on how to overcome masturbation. The steps to overcome it would be for the BBM class seminar.

If you are not on blackberry messenger and want to have a personal guidance class, you can send a mail to : relcapsules@gmail.com or drop a comment on how you would love it to be.

Don\’t continue to remain in that prison. The effects could be more than you bargained for.

Seek help now………..

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