Sex Straight Talk *Sex Before Marriage* PART 1

10reasons why SEX should wait till after marriage

1. Can ruin your chances of knowing real love.
A girl makes a tragic mistake when she tries to gain love or hold on to it by giving sex. Real love may lead to engagement, marriage, and sex, but sex does not lead to real love. Instead, it often destroys your chances of knowing real love.

An eighteen year old girl had kept herself pure all through high school and the first year of college. She was going steady with a guy whom she liked very much. On the night before he left for summer vacation, she gave in to him. She thought, “Why shouldn’t I? He loves me, and I love him.”

What happened? During the summer, she heard little from her “lover.” When he returned that fall, she discovered that she had been deceived into giving something very precious to a guy who had no real love for her. He said, “Our last night together was a nightmare…I would never marry you after that.”

2. Can keep you from ever knowing God’s best.
One of the wrong ideas concerning sex is that it is just a physical thrill to be enjoyed with whomever you choose. This makes sex cheap and meaningless, and it disregards certain facts about how we are made.

Sex is not just a physical act. In sexual intercourse, you and the other person become one. It is such an intimate experience that a part of you remains forever with the other person. When you do get married, you will find that you can never give your mate 100% of yourself. Why? Because you have given part of yourself away to others. To take this lightly is not only foolish but it is plain ignorance of how God made us.

3. Will hurt your self-esteem.
The Bible says that a young person should learn to possess his body with honor and not follow the ways of those who are immoral. A young person’s purity is his or her priceless possession. Unfortunately many do not realize this until it is too late.

Sometimes a girl is love-hungry, and she mistakes a fellow’s sex desire for the love she is looking for. She gives in to him. All too often, the guy does not really love her or respect her as a person. He wants sex and she is available, so he uses her to get what he wants. After awhile, he gets tired of her. She is like bargain-table goods— “Slightly soiled. Greatly reduced in price.”

She has nowhere to go in her search for love but to another guy who is looking for sex. She becomes cheap in her own eyes and in the eyes of others.

4. Can leave you with life-long consequences.
God has given you a conscience and you have to live with it.
A 42-yearold woman wrote,

\”When I was young, I fell into sins that have marred my life. My secret sins were committed in my teenage years, I ve cried and cried in remorse, asking God to take the awful guilt out of my life\”

You may get a few moments of “thrilling pleasure” out of sex before marriage, but is it worth this price?

5. Can be a BIG disappointment.
Do young people find sex as exciting and heavenly as they thought it would be? The answer is NO!

A study of premarital sex relations was made in a large clinic for unwed mothers. The question was asked of the unwed mothers, “Did you find the sex experience pleasurable, disappointing, or unpleasant?”

Fifty percent said it was “disappointing,” thirty percent described it as “unpleasant or revolting,” and only twenty percent said it was “pleasurable.”

Under the right circumstances, sex can be an exciting and thrilling experience, as God intended it to be. But outside of marriage it is disappointing.
6. Is risky.

Engaging in sex before marriage can expose you to sexually transmitted diseases. The “easy” girl, who is by no means a prostitute, can be the source of any one of several such diseases. Likewise, fellows can be “carriers.” Sexually transmitted diseases can cause serious infections, blindness, and even death. They can be transmitted to your children with the same devastating effects. There is no known cure for some of these diseases.

A girl who had sexual relations with only one boyfriend thought she was safe. She was terribly shocked when her doctor told her she was infected. A “disease tracer” revealed that the guy had had sex with only one other girl. But this girl had had sex with five other men, who in turn had been with nineteen women, some of them prostitutes. The girl who thought her relationship had been limited to one person had had contact, through him, with at least 92 persons.WATCHOUT FOR PART 2

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  1. Great piece. This is real wisdom. Sex before marriage will do us no good. Good work Nikki…God bless you.

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