#SinglesDate Online Monthly Seminar (December Edition) Details


December Edition is going to focus on three topics and three facilitators. The two administrators of @relcapsules and a guest tweecher.

It goes as follows:

[On the area of Self Discovery]:

Paul wrote to Timothy, \”Let no one despise your youth.\” What does that mean for the young People today? Is there anything more wonderful than being young, full of energy and strength, experiencing the excitement of first discoveries?

Guest: @IamDayoSamuel will be teaching us on how to explore : \”THE STRENGTH OF THY YOUTH\”.


[On the area of Womenfolk]:

You must be good role model for others, especially other women, either young and old or singles and married. You must be good role model to other women by being as good as you can be, by not conforming to the culture of hate that many women practice. There is a better woman in you beyond what you display to the world. Your life is not restricted to your body.

@NikeAdedokun is set to teach comprehensively on: \” BECOMING A BETTER WOMAN\”.


[For a healthy Relationship]:

A successful relationship is as a result of daily work by both parties. Its actually a full time job. You need just more than Love. Learn how to continually use different ingredients in sweetening YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

@folayemiITUNU would be teaching on the topic: \”SPICING UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP\”. 



Date: 12 DECEMBER.

Time: 7:00PM.

Follow @relcapsules , @Iamdayosamuel , @folayemiITUNU and @NikeAdedokun to join the seminar.

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