Top Causes And Triggers Of Masturbation: Whats Your Trigger? (Part Three)

If you have been following up on the series of overcoming masturbation, then get ready for another mind blowing revelation.

If you missed the previous series, you can read them here:Overcoming Masturbation 1 and here Overcoming Masturbation 2

Let me state that I didn\’t just feel like sharing this topic but the Holy spirit led me to share and it won\’t just end with sharing posts. He went ahead to minister and deliver people over here on the same day. Isn\’t that enough to know that God is ready to help you also? He wants to heal you from every emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and health effects of masturbation. That would be discussed more under the effects of masturbation.


We now have the knowledge of the MEANINGS and types of masturbation. Let\’s talk on the CAUSES and TRIGGERS of masturbation.

Masturbation can be caused by so many factors. Everyone seems to have their major triggers. Let\’s throw more light on them.

While growing up, there is always a stage where all the sexual hormones becomes very active. For growing teens with no sexual education, they may be forced to satisfy their urge through any means. Even when it affects their health, they just ignore it.

Romans 8:5 says \” For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh, but they that are after the spirit the things of the spirit\”.

If all you do is try to satisfy your physical and body pleasures, then any vices of the devil can trap you.

Masturbation is a spirit. It descends on you after you have attracted it. Demons walk around looking for a body to possess. Its not only witches that are possessed. Other kinds of spirit can also possess people. Lying, fornication, drunkeness are all spirit you should bind and flee from.

Some of the works of the flesh mentioned in Galatians 5: 19-21 includes fornication, uncleanness, adultery etc. Masturbation is an unclean act. Lesbianism and homomsexuality is an unclean act. People keep questioning where masturbation was stated in the bible. Close your physical eyes and open your spiritual eyes to what these words mean. Stop enjoying your uncleanness act!

The first thing that comes to play is the sexual urge. So many factors can spark up the act like exposure to sexual materials, for example: Pornography films, sexual magazines, musical videos, and this materials can be reached by anyone.

The word of God remains the same. The spirits of perversion are using nudity forcefully and it\’s all over the Internet, on your desktops, tabs and phones.—–Pastor Dunamis Okonkwo of Kisses and Huggs Club.

Due to the Jet age we live in, civilization has brought so many things to play. People can now access porn films online. It is generally known as blue films. Musical videos with explicit content and images can be downloaded at the snap of your fingers.

The rate at which celebrities and attention seeking ladies display their nudity to the world is enough to trap any soul. The media has been corrupted. Anything visible to the eyes is enough to trap the mind. I see people hurry to download this pictures. How come kim kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce , Maheeda, Rihanna and the likes are the most sought out on the internet? What do they preach to you? Oh God! Have mercy! Sexual perversion everywhere. Even our own Nollywood actresses and singers have taken to the media to display their body including the married celebrities. And yet you call them your role models.

The entrance of the soul is the eyes and the voice of the body is feelings. Whatever you set your eyes on can gain entrance into your mind and store up there in the brain. Even without the materials on display, the recorded scenes and images in the mind can spark a quick orgasm.

Idleness can also cause it. When you are always at home doing nothing, anything can come to play in your mind. Some use masturbation to keep their body busy or relieve stress. Some use it as a means to sleep. I know sometimes we wish not to do something, but we keep doing it but God is waiting for you to cast your cares and burdens on him.

Parents should stop leaving sex education to teachers and pastors. Education starts from the home. Ignorance can kill fast.

While I was young, I remember seeing a cd disk with a title that looks like a game movie. I felt it was for playing games.

I never knew it was a blue film. When a teen is exposed to these including adults, the body can be quick to respond to the urge that follows.

I remember borrowing a movie from someone not knowing there was a porn disk inside the full pack too. My classmate didn\’t know too. I innocently gave my uncle the disk to play and he decided to try anyone and it was the porn disk. Gosh! It was so raw. I had never seen anything like it before. My uncle shouted and tried removing it but the little raw scenes I saw got stuck to my brain. He kept questioning where I got it from. Hmmmmn, it was from a classmate of mine. A teenager for that matter already watching raw porn movies at that age.

Kids grow up reading romantic novels and magazines like hints, harlequins etc. A harlequin novel has a major erotic sexual play in it. Good enough to visualise it and make it come into the real act. Where else would they channel the act to, their body of course before looking for someone to practice pre-marital sex with. Some kids and adults walk with friends who play this films in their house and introduce them to the series.

So many things have been exposed to people.

Sade was a teen of 13years and had been left at home all alone during the holidays. She kept looking for films to watch so she stumbled on some films in her brothers closet. She hurriedly ran to the sitting room to watch to test the desk and it ended up being a porn film. She couldn\’t resist watching the scenes as they sent triggers through her body. She was shocked also. \”So my brother has been watching blue films at our back\”, she thought.

She couldn\’t stop the movie as she kept waiting to see the end. While sitting on the chair with nobody touching her, she felt a sensation in her vagina. Her body was moving and her clitoris was experiencing a shift in turns. She wondered what was wrong but was also enjoying the sweet thoughtful sensation. And then she came! Gbam! What a feeling! From that day on, she kept trying to stimulate herself by using her hands. Watching the movie that day welcomed the spirit into her body and soul and she battled with it for years. She thought she was the only one going through that weird experience in the whole world and she couldn\’t ask anybody on it until she saw a Jehovah Witness material on \”Questions kids and teens always ask when growing up\”. A section of the book was on masturbation and that was how she knew the word \”Masturbation\”. She never knew what she was doing before and the journey to freedom begun but it was hell. She tried and tried but couldn\’t stop. She prayed and read the word but she kept struggling. I know you are in the same shoe. You are tired of doing it, you have tried glancing at the bible and praying but you are still struggling. Relax, you are getting close. Only this same \”God\” can help you with his divine healing.

Masturbation is not limited to any gender or age. It\’s practiced by the young and old, the singles and married, female and male. It doesn\’t matter your profession or calling.

Some pastors are still struggling with it. So many big personality you see out there are struggling with this monster. That chorister, youth president, bible study teacher, usher, banker, doctor, engineer ,deacon, pastor could be struggling with it. Some enjoy it and see nothing wrong in it. Some are just tired.

Great people have confessed to me that they struggled with it. Some are still struggling with it even that your role model. That\’s why we need to help, teach and pray for each other. Devil doesn\’t want the freedom of people. He has blinded the eyes of so many. I know he has tricked you to think its more healthy than sex or the likes . You need to understand the vices of the devil lest he takes advantage of you. The devil is only interested in steal your time into the act, killing your soul and destroying your mindset.

I love listening to Trye Tribeth song- What can I do? It talks about the fact that we can not do anything with God. You cannot walk, talk, breathe , sing, be or exist without God. You just have to admit it.

Do you still have explicit images and videos on your phone? You still read all these romantic novels and sexual magazines? You still watch porn movies online and on your television and system? Why not start by destroying those materials. Some websites even have adverts that shows ladies saying \”Do you want to date or chat? Click here or visit this site\”. Its time to stop that. Take control of your mind by submitting your totality to God.

So what are your triggers? You alone know them. Its time to do away with them.

A song says \”Jesus knows about all our struggles, and he would keep guiding us\”.

I want you to tell me several causes of masturbation too. So please drop your comments , tell us your experiences and share this post to everyone out there.

This series would continue with \”Effects of Masturbation\”. This would be useful for people who still don\’t see anything wrong in it. Keep up with the next update.

You are Blessed!

3 thoughts on “Top Causes And Triggers Of Masturbation: Whats Your Trigger? (Part Three)”

  1. This is no doubt Spirit led,direct, straight to the point and highly revealing.

    I remember a question my lecturer-mentor asked me on reading of novels. He asked how my life would have been if I had dedicated my self to reading the Bible. I knew almost all versions of Silhouette & Harlequin novels.

    The human mind is very unique. Feed it with one lure & it strengthens itself in search of others. So I'm not really surprised that "it" could proceed to the act of "rubbing on the floor" which second mentioned in "2" of this series.

    Great work you have going! I hope to peep in once in a while.

    Jedidiah Oligbinde

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