Good evening tweet-world . Its an honor to grace this platform, thanking God for this privilege. #Singlesdate 

Let’s pray- Father thank you for being  the giver of wisdom, anoint my hands like the pen of a ready-writer on this session and let all glory be yours at the end. #Singlesdate

I will be tweeting on handling arguments in relationship i.e fighting the good fights.
Let’s look into the word argument. Arguments is a discussion between people who have contrary views. It’s also a contentious speech act, a dispute where there is strong disagreement.#Singlesdate

In handling arguments in relationship, wisdom must be applied, because it is profitable to direct. I am yet to see a relationship that there is no ms-understanding. One thing we must know about relationship is that arguments are inevitable. #Singlesdate

There is every tendency that you are bound to argue in every relationship and that\’s only natural. #SinglesDate

Arguments are part of our normal life, the can make life more meaningful. You are bound to encounter someone who have beliefs & perspective that are not the same as yours.  Having opposing view in life could trigger an argument. #Singlesdates

Arguments arises because of differences and circumstances. And we must take into cognizance that the presence of of arguments does not mean couples don’t love each other. Every couple is unique in their own way & each partner has their own way of arguing / or fighting the good fights.#Singlesdate

Let’s look at how to fight the good fights in a relationship. Follow my next tweets now. #Singlesdate

Be willing to accept you may be wrong. Two master can not stay under a roof, one will have to come down for the other. #Singlesdate

Listen to the other person’s side of the story before you jump into the wrong conclusion. Don’t base anything on assumption without proper clarification. #Singlesdate

Learn to apologize by using the word am sorry when you know you are wrong so as to maintain peace in your relationship.#Singlesdate

Humble yourselves by asking for forgiveness, realize that your partner may be hurt in some way or the other. Don’t take each other for granted. #Singlesdate

Watch your words because your words can hurt your partner and tamper with his/her self-esteem. Words are like eggs, once is out, you can take/pack them back. Don’t utter words you will regret later. #Singlesdate

Think twice before running your mouth like tap water that has lost control. Watch your tongue before you destroy with it. It’s advisable to put water in your mouth. #Singlesdate

Learn to control your emotions especially your anger. We all have different temperament , master yours before it becomes to destructive. It’ s advisable to walk away when you are angry and cant control it. #Singlesdate

Allow your partner to express his/her feelings in other for them to pour out their feelings, this way you can ask how can you make it right. #Singlesdate

Avoid raising your voice, express yourself in a respectful manner . Express yourself in a respectful manner.#Singlesdate

However don’t over do it by allowing too much arguments consume your relationship. When the heat of the arguments is getting too much, then is time to think twice on that relationship.#Singlesdate

Thanks for hosting me @nikeadedokun, appreciate everyone for their follows/attention/mentions/retweets. I rise like a king.#Singlesdate

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