Long ago, I was told about the story of a man who wanted to hold a very big event. He had invited guests from all over the country, and had even invited friends and associates from oversees to join him in the celebration. The preparation was going on well until someone discovered a problem that would pose a very big challenge.

When these guests arrive, they would definitely have enough to eat, but when they are done eating and they feel pressed, how would they ease themselves. They were thrown into a state of pandemonium, they all started thinking, what should we do, how can we defeat this problems that has always affected previous ceremonies like this.

After some hours, a man suggested an idea which was well embraced and accepted. Today we have the MOBILE TOILET because some set of people decided to put an end to a problem that could hinder their boss major event. The man that discovered the solution to the problem is now in millions because his idea is used in every major event today, and even placed in some streets.

What happened to the problem you just complained bitterly about? If the problem was so easy to complain about, then this problem should be easier to solve by you. Congratulations, you have just discovered another a major opportunity for making your first millions.

Each time you pass your street, you always complain about the environment always been dirty. Why not find a solution that would make the road neat and conducive, and also making your millions from the project. You complain bitterly about a reoccurring problem in your office, why not package the solution well and present it to your boss. Who says you cannot be promoted, with an increase in salary as a result of that.

If you know the problem well enough, why not prefer the solutions. The choice is yours anyway, but if you decide to join them in talking day about the problem, make sure you don\’t join them in saying there are no opportunities because you just finished talking about one.

Remember that you can use your disgust to create a positive result.

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA). He blogs at


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