Say No To Child Abuse: \”Heal A Child, Heal The Nation\”

Having access to pupils in the class has given me more understanding about children.

Aside parents, some children are raised by Aunties, Uncles and other forms of relatives, guardians who are so busy with their lives.

Some of these relatives don\’t care about the welfare of the child. They need to understand what having a child is. Parent or Guardian, it doesn\’t matter.

We are not to educate the parents alone but everyone including You and I. We need to understand how to relate well with a child on a personal basis.

And for the issue of the housemaid, she had no right to do that mean act but did we find out how they have been treating her? It was so mean but ……………… She decided to pass the agression on the little baby.

Let me give three instances:

I briefly explained more on choosing a career wisely to the students and the most intelligent among the boys came to meet me later on and said \” Aunty please o, I really love the Art world. I wish I was in Art class but my Aunty said I must study Architecture and I\’m not really feeling the science class\”. I told him even as much as she pays your school fees, your life is still in your hands to choose your career. Make her understand where your passion lies in and pray she understands.

Another student comes to school once or twice in a week and I asked why he does that. He said \” My Aunty makes sure I clean up the whole house every morning and if I don\’t do it all on time, I won\’t be allowed to go to school.\” He has missed so many test and assignment over this.

That is Housecleaning vs Education.

Another student came to meet me for a private lesson on how to read and write. After explaning to the Aunty, she refused her the chance but made sure she stays in shop all day. She has even told her that she is not going close to the university but will continue stay at the shop since she is busy with her own life.

So this is not about the housemaid story but about guardians and the child they groom.

These and so many things have been happening with the children that are being brought up. So many of them have had bad and weird upbringing.

Who are we to blame? What is the way forward?

If we educate a child, we educate a nation. If we educate people who will parent a child some day, we train better guardians. It is time to stop child abuse. We need a way. It starts from me and you.

Child abuse is not limited to the sexual issues. They are also abused physically and emotionally which can affect their self esteem.

Let me ask you; \”How do you treat your child? How do you treat your neighbour\’s child?

I try to speak to some of them. I tell them my experiences and how to come out. Freedom starts from the mind. Talk to someone today.

Heal a child. Heal the nation.

Adenike Adedokun In support of Child/Youth empowerment.

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