Some Basic Truths About Relationships You Should Know


People keeps complaining that no relationship is worth it. They say guys are bad,girls are bad. The fact is that nobody is perfect,we all have to make it work. There would always be fights and arguments, irritation and anger. We always have to manage it.

They always feel that they are hurt, wrong , have the right to be heard. They end up being sad, depressed and hurt when things go soar.

I keep wondering why we fight with our
parents,children,siblings etc but we never separate ourselves from them,it only keeps the relationship stronger.

If you are going into any relationship, always have it at the back of your mind that if the teeth and the tongue can fight and still remain together for life,what stops us from keeping our bond with our loved ones together. – Always expect a time for arguments:
you will always disagree to agree, a person who thinks a relationship is without fights is just deceiving himself ,nobody is perfect ,take it the way It comes and handle it with wisdom.

– Be ready to stress it out : Always speak your mind ,and be ready to forgive completely,keep no records of wrongs,it kills a relationship. Speak your mind and let it go, shit happens, deal with it,be matured about it,it helps the mind.

– Polite communication : Keep your voice low,no nagging,say it with an intention of correcting the action not for creating more actions. A man should not lay his hands on a woman,no
matter what she does,though a woman can be frustrating at times but the best way you can handle it is either by being
quiet when she speaks or you simply leave her presence and let her cool down before you politely and systematically speak her mind down later.

– Keep the positive sides: One thing that causes arguments is the fact that people tend to concentrate more on the weakness of each other,learn to understand your partner ,develop a
positive attitude towards your partner,communicate about your weaknesses and try to do something about it but if it is natural and difficult to change,stay close enough to observe
and understand. Look more on your strengths ,there could be a way out.

– Avoid distractions: Men are easily moved by women and sex. No matter what,there is always a wanting spirit in every man,if he meets a girl who can explore him round,he might easily fall which would destroy his current relationship. When the distractions comes,be alert to it and try to avoid it
fast. A woman is smart enough to bring a man down with sex. A woman is easily moved by money and power. If she
doesn't get what she want ,for the desperate girl,she would find it outside. It takes a committed,decent ,God-fearing and faithful woman to remain steadfast even when things go wrong.

– A Godly relationship: always commit every issues to God,if any of the partner starts any unusual attitudes,always be
quick to take it to God for wisdom and solutions. Your relationship should be guided by God,its important!!! Start
with God and he will guide you through.
There are times temptations will come, it would be so hard to resist. Sometimes the wind will blow ,it takes the grace of God to overcome so let God always be there for us.

The most important is do not expect too much , so that you don't get disappointed but do unto others what you want them to do to you too.

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