Some Mistakes We Make In Relationships

We make some mistakes in relationship that is one the reasons we tends to be having too many breakups and short term relationships. Below are some of the listed mistakes we make.

Getting Worried About how your partner Feels About You.Even though you have to be sure the person you are loving loves you back, its not also productive for the relationship if you constantly worry about whether he or she really cares about you. After commitment as being established between two of you, there is no point you keep questioning and wondering whether your partner honestly cares. Sometimes you wouldnt even need to reach the commitment level but be able to tell from \”behavioral\” data if they cares about you. E.g they dont forget to call or text you, they love to see you happy, they do you good and favors you.

Taking your partner for granted to an unhealthy degree.As relationships mature, there’s a tendency to assume that it’s fine to let the normal niceties of life slip and slide. We get so used to each other that we then loose respects for each other, we re friends and lovers so sure playing and really playing hard is not bad at all but in all, respect for each other is very crucial.

Correcting Aggressively. Anyway am in this category, told you before now am not a saint, I make mistakes too lol, infact i still did this yesterday, she offended me and I screamed at her, yelled at her made her wanna cry, thou I do this, its still a very bad behaviour that could shorten the life span of a relationship, that am doing it doesnt make it right, seriously working on it atleast.

Letting the boundaries slip around your relationship.Within a close relationship of any type, there are bound to be secrets. Letting others into your private world, even if seems perfectly harmless, can erode your partner’s feelings of trust in you and your relationship. If your partner finds out, he or she will feel betrayed or even humiliated. For example, let’s suppose you tell a relative that your partner doesn’t care for his boss. Now let’s say also that it’s unlikely that your relative and your partner’s boss would ever meet. But there’s always a random chance. In addition, what if your relative forgets that this is a secret and mentions it in conversation? Or, even worse case scenario, what if the secret leaks out on Facebook through someone’s oversharing? It will be clear that you were the source of the information. Your partner may never even find out that you’ve been tattling, but the fact that you’ve done so can put your relationship in jeopardy nevertheless. You might start to worry about having opened your mouth and over time start to feel guilty and anxious, emotions that can become troubling and problematic over time.

Complaining about your partner to everyone except your partner.Everything we do should be between us expecially when it comes to wronging each other, correct in love and importantly complain to each other eithout bringing in an outsider, many relationships has being sabotaged because of bringing in an outsider. Tell your partner directly when they wrong you, they will appreciate that more.

Feeling hopeless. Apart from individual challenges that your partner may be confronting, couples also face their own sets of difficulties. The list of possible reasons to feel hopeless can range from someone’s infidelity, differences in personalities, lifestyles, and values, or just simple misunderstandings that mushroom into out-and-out warfare. If you allow yourself to give up on the situation, you’ll be far less likely to put the emotional investment into the steps you’ll need to follow for relationship repair. People develop hopelessness toward their relationship through a set of cognitive distortions, such as believing what’s bad now will always be bad, that life “should” be worry-free, and that minor disagreements reflect basic underlying flaws in the couple’s prospects for true intimacy. Catch yourself before these cognitive distortions take hold, and you’ll be more likely to focus on what’s good rather than bad about your relationship.

Constantly questioning your relationship.Do you sit around wondering whether you and your partner will still be together next week, next month, or next year? Are you afraid to jinx your relationship by doing or thinking the wrong thing? Do you take signs of preoccupation expressed by your partner as evidence of his or her disinterest in you? However, this is a slightly different twist on that point. Questioning your relationship means that you doubt it will last, and therefore may be less likely to feel comfortable about commitments you make about the future. If you’re always looking for a “Plan B,” your partner may sense this and the relationship\’s future demise could then become a likely prospect.

Giving up on your partner. Everyone goes through challenges, whether it’s losing a job, suffering from health problems, or dealing with an addiction. It’s at those difficult times that your partner needs your good cheer and support, but it’s also at those times when you may be feeling the most stressed. Your confidence and support not only will can help ease your partner’s pain, but may be just what’s needed to help your partner summon up the resources to overcome the challenges.

We Stop Telling them how much we love them.At the begining of every relationship, we verbally and with every means we can express how much we love our partner, we say it via sms, call to say it, say it to thier face and all these made them really moved from one stage of the love to another. You cant stop showing them how much you love them infact it can never be too much, say it like everytime you have the opportunity, it obviously has no disadvantage but many advantages.

Keeping MaliceMany sees this as a normal thing but I must tell you its gradually killing the relationship, its allowed to have misunderstanding but dont let it last for too long, dont keep malice, settle whatever it is and move on.

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