Reasons Why You May Never Get It Right In Your Relationships

Getting a partner who can really bond with you for a long time isn\’t a small deal. The search could go on and on and you will keep falling in the wrong hands.The main problem is that teenagers and youth still don\’t know the real essence of a relationship. We simply want to flow with what the society does.

Too many soap operas have given a different definintion to what a relationship should really be about. They have showcased romance, sex, double dating, heartbreaks as a normal thing that happens.

Zack was just a nineteen year old boy when he felt attracted to his neighbour of sixteen years. Melina was in her thrid year in senoir secondary school(S.S.S 3). She was a very devoted girl and faced her academics purely. She didn\’t really have friends and it made her concentrate more on her life. Zack saw her nature to be a decent one and started the proposal game. Zack wasn\’t such a serious guy but just wanted to feel what a relationship was all about just like his friend does. He wanted to taste sex also with an innocent lady. He was also scared of sexually transmitted diseases his uncles always talked about then. He forgot about pregnancy and any other thing attached to sex and then he kept it on.

Melina kept declining the proposal and he went to any extent to get her \”YES\” and he finally did. Melina fell so much to his romantic pranks and finally gave in after he pampered her and spoilt her with different kinds of gifts. The truth about their relationship is that, they were too young for it. They would start toying with sex which is a special gift for the married ordained by God. They would also loose focus. Early relationships don\’t really help because it distracts us from our goals and vision while growing. Melina began to loose interest in church activities and she didn\’t top her class anymore. She was too young and not matured.

Zack was not only young but was dancing to the tunes of his friend. He didn\’t know what commitment , responsibility and Maturity was all about.Love is not just about \”feeling among\” or the main attraction itself. You will definentely be tempted but you need to learn to say \”NO\” till you are ready.

People miss out of relationships because of lack of patience and preparation. You need to be patient till the right time. You need to also prepare well. Its not a crime to be single.

Singlesness should help you prepare well and focus on your purpose.First things first, focus on your education, discover your purpose, be on fire for God so that you can easily spot the right person God wants for you. If you always pray to never miss it, God is merciful enough to choose wisely for you and order your steps too. 

Don\’t go into a relationship to satisfy your sexual desires, money gains, security, power, to boost your self esteem or any other selfish reasons.You need to learn to wait till the right time. The fact that you have dated for 8years doesn\’t make him or her the right one.

Be wise enough not to sing along to the worldly and secular tunes and notions of a relationship. If you keep dating for a wrong reason, you will never get it right.

So I will say this, if you don\’t want to miss it: Let God help You, Prepare well( Read books and attend seminars), Focus on your own productivity, Focus on your purpose so that you can meet someone like you.

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