Is It Right To Date In My First Year In School?

This is a question from a fan of Relationship Capsules.

I just gained an admission in my school (Name withheld). There is this guy I met in my first week in school. We have become very close and attached to each other.

I am beginning to grow feelings for him due to our closeness. He has shown me so much love and care. I think he would soon ask me out. I just want to know if its okay to date in my 100 level.

He is the kind of guy that I will like to marry and I feel we can nuture the love from now.

what do you think?

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  1. Well, i dont see any problem, bt its good you take your time and get to know him well. Remember its a life time decision

  2. Well , i think its too early . You can be friends for now and get to know each other well. If you insists, fine, but don't go too deep.

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