Taking Punches For Love…………………..Handling Individual\’s Temperament In Relationships

We all have different temperaments depending on our background, environment etc. We need to learn to study our temperaments so as to help us nurture our attitudes. Our temperament can destroy our relationship if not handled well. It is even better to work on our temperament before starting a relationship.
Some people are reserved, gentle in nature, some are not. Some are high or low-tempered. Depending on where you fall , learn to study and make yourself approved before getting committed.
Sometimes I wonder what relationships are turning into. We blame either of the partners but I think its on the both sides. We all fail to understand the effects of individual differences. All we need is to be patient and have a sense of understanding among each other.
Why do some guys claim to be in love with a girl and yet be so aggressive to the extent of beating her up at the slightest provocation?. Does it mean its not true love or its just an issue of temperament.
Loving also deals with being able to control ones temperament too,because it could break up a relationship if arguments are not handled well. Let’s stop all these aggressiveness in the name of Jealousy and Protection. I believe there are better ways of handling issues. Don’t let us spoil our relationship in the name of love. The fact is this :BE A MAN ABOUT IT.
If you cannot handle your temperament,you can always be silent or walk out of any argument that seem to be provocative or rather work on it through counseling , reading of related books, prayer etc
Well, even if a guy beats you,I still wonder why some girls still stick to such men without doing something about it. I guess they are so much in Love.
To the Ladies: Let us stop being a Nag. Always apply wisdom to every arguments, you don’t always have to be the winner, there are better approach to it. Let’s be more submissive and respectful. Its not easy but its the best option. Well,Men can be tough at times but it takes a wise woman to keep a man at her reach. Proverbs 14: 1 says ” every wise woman buildeth her house but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands”.
If you want to maintain that relationship, do something to help his temperament, likewise the guy. If you can’t cope ,simply opt out before you are thoroughly abused. You better don’t end up dead for love. Help him or walk out. Prayer is the key.
I would also want you views on why on this issue.

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