The Challenges With Finding True Love In The Church



Well, inspite of the fact that we all want a God-fearing man, it doesnt mean you should fix your eyes to the church alone to get a man or lady for yourself.

There was a story of a lady who got married to a man and they were both church members. They didn't bother praying too hard, they just concluded on marriage straight. The man was honest but the lady wasn't. After their marriage, the man discovered that she didn't have a private part, hmmmn, haven't really seen such of them but its true. Am not saying you would never find true love in the church. Sure you will, but you must be careful too.

The truth is that some Christains are actually hypocrites. They act as angel in the church but there are devils in their home. Not all though, some.

Pardon me but the truth is that some men and ladies love God so much and they are not at the forefront of the church. So don't think it is only those that are active that are the real Christains.

When you fall in love with a lady because she sings like an angel, you might be falling in love with trouble.

Some men can preach the whole gospel in church but they would beat you up when you make a slight mistake at home.

You need to go beyond what you see in church. Why not get closer to the person and see how they act outside.

Let me correct you here, being God fearing is not about going to church, if that was it, so many people would not be bad to themselves outside the church. Most people with worse attitudes outside are proudly called Christians. What kind of Christain is that? Must we free tag ourselves with that name under a pretence of it?

Am not against Christians because am one of them but am telling you that not all are praticing Christains so you need to shine your eyes well.

Find a lady that would lift you up in your vision of life. Go for someone that won't do what everyone is doing. Someone that will strengthen your relationship with God. Someone that loves you truly. A man that won't limit your progress in life. A man that won't turn you into a punching bag. Go beyond the physical.

How do you get to know people like this?

Why not try to be friends with them first. You don't have to date a lady at the first date. Men, stop asking every lady out, not all are meant for you, its just one. Stop doing the trial and dump test. You don't need to say yes to a man the first time he asks you out.

You shouldn't forget to pray well about your marital life. Don't stop working for God, especially in giving. It would open more ways for you.

If you don't believe in God , then its a pity for you. Its not too late to turn to him. Stop questioning everything around you and depending on science and tradition.

Don't just Love a chorister, Love a woman that derives joy from singing to God anywhere and anytime.

Don't just love a preacher, Love a man that would always correct and advise you on how to be closer to God outside the church too.

Don't be too loose with the so called "Men of God", not all are real. Don't be too comfortable with going to their houses to cook and eat. Stay away too. Be wise about how you relate with people.

Be your own pastor too. Stop chasing them around before someone misleads you.

This is not a major christain write up but a post to correct your notion about finding a God fearing partner in the church alone. They are outside the church too. If you find one in church, good for you. Dont forget to pray well about choosing the right partner.

A celebrity got married some years back to a man she loved in church, he was always standing for God but after their marriage, when she does any little thing , he ends up beating her but they met in church at least. Its not about the church. A church is just a location for you. Focus on the personality of the person.

Another story talked about a guy in church who always wanted the lady to do all his chores and warm his bed but yet acts so gentle in church. He is very agressive too so don't be surprised if he lays his hand on her.

So the fact here is, there is no crime in finding love in the church , just make sure you are blinded by some spiritual lie. Define what you want and let God direct you.

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