I need to say that being pretty can be interpreted in many ways. What looks pretty to Mr A, Miss B or Mrs C can vary which brings me to the fact that pretty depends on your definition. 

Being pretty is associated to being beautiful. \”BEAUTIFIED\” would be my word. A woman who is beautiful shouldn\’t  limit her vibes to the outward look. Most ladies think the excess make up equals to been beautiful but I think that\’s wrong. There is a lot more.

Character is more beautiful than any other thing. What is the point being beautiful physically without an awesome aura.

Pretty means being skillful, cunning, astute, wily, clever et al\’. ‎ With these definition, it becomes clearer that being pretty is not just physical but in-depth. A woman who  knows her direction and doesn\’t think a relationship, fame, money or dependent on looks completes her is fast ahead forming a bigger purpose for herself. 

A woman has the power to influence her generation through her words, action, skills et al\’.

At some point, I felt incomplete, I felt there was more to life than just eating, sleeping, gisting, and other usual routines. It was only when I discovered purpose and found meaning to my life that I felt more blessed to be a blessing. If anyone says am beautiful now, I don\’t just look at my physical look but I take it as a personal compliment that deals with my personality as a whole. 

Most ladies have been pushed to impress guys and ladies more and more. They have become desperate to get attention and looking pretty physically has become easier with make-ups and social media applications. One advise is, you can be filled with all the sparks you get now but there is more to life and finding purpose should be the first step. 

Some ladies have been through a lot, like rape, abuse, neglect, low self esteem, betrayals and the likes It\’s better to seek for help, talk to a professional or therapist before it eats deep into you because any one who is not emotional stable cannot pilot life well. 

Some ladies feel insecure deep down but they can\’t agree to it. Some depend so much on validation yet they think it\’s normal. What is your definition of pretty?

Confidence is not an outward aggression but an inward knowing.

Being pretty deals with emotional stability, completeness in God, purpose discovery, looking good, confidence and so many awesome opportunities made for women. 

The rate at which ladies go these days to oppress and impress is alarming. What can be done? What is the cause?

I would like to get a feedback and find out what you think too.

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