Hello Singles! Truths You Should Consider Before Settling Down



While you are out there chasing a guy or lady , do not forget to chase yourself. Most people see marriage as a prize to be won after school life or when they clock a particular age.


The truth is, most married couples are not complete, they only went into marriage to seek completeness. No man or woman can complete you but no one understands that.


If you don\’t know much about yourself, how can you know much about your partner?


Most marriages would have been better if people had more knowledge but no one cares, we just want to flaunt our wedding pictures online as we suffer underneath.



Lots of divorces are being celebrated, why? The married have not learnt to enjoy happiness and flaunt it too.  We celebrate more unhealthy vices than the healthy ones.


Ask yourself, who do you look up to as a role model in Marriage? Most people admire celebrities, home and abroad even when most of their standards are nothing to write home about.


I would like to point that, completeness is necessary. It encompasses the financial, spiritual, social, mental, emotional and various other part of our lives. Until you get it right in these areas, you would keep expecting a man or woman out there to be the source of your happiness.

I remember when I use to post only entertaining posts on Facebook, I had hatred for Twitter and I didn\’t even know how much I could learn on Google. But thank God, all these social media tools have really helped me become better which you could take advantage of also. Becoming a master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming has also opened my eyes to more knowledge. Did I mention that you could also take online courses for free? Why not try out Alison.com or Push CV? There are various way to learn, stop the excuses!

Did I also mention that I have met lots of coaches and mentors I have always seen from a far like Lanre Olusola, Sam Obafemi, Bankole Williams, Steve Harris, Emeka Nobis, Jimi  Tewe, Grace Festus Alao and so many other people doing great things. 2015 have been a blast!

You would keep attracting your kind, just face it.  It is not enough to wish for a good marriage, take a step and work on it. Most of us can spend money on clothes, designers and expensive outings but we cannot buy a self help book, audio or even attend the cheapest seminars. Before you complain about money, there a lots of groups on whatsapp and Facebook that teaches on financial illiteracy,  emotional intelligence, spiritual values, mental fitness, physical fitness and the likes but we ignore them and face other entertaining groups alone. Gone are the days when the social media is being used for fun alone, these days, people influence, advertise, learn,  impact and make money online, I have been a part to all that. What are you learning on social media? Gossips or latest trends? You can even follow intellectual people like Sam Obafemi, Esohe Igbinoba  Victor Ekpo Bassey, Victor Akunna, Adedoyin Femi Matthew, Dayo Samuel, Grace Embodiment, Gabriel Olatunji Legend, Emeka Nobis ,Stephanie Obi, Bankole Williams,  Dinma Nwobi ,  Treasure \’teekay\’ Kalu, Cera Inspires, John Obidi, Wale Tejumade and so many other names I can\’t start mentioning right now, not just people making waves with their body or  lifestyle. I understand that most of us have hurts, blames and hands to point for your current lifestyle but the truth is, you need to face your life for yourself. No excuses. Seek help rather than live in pity and regrets. Who do you even hang out with? All these things matters.



Most trainings even function online now but most of us are yet to pay for any event, even from the people we trust. We think our money is just meant for the pleasures of life alone. You have no excuse not to live fully, resources are everywhere.  Like my mentor says, \”it\’s not what you don\’t have that limits you, it\’s what you have but don\’t know how to use\” – Steve Harris




You cannot grow beyond your knowledge. Lots of skills are needed in Marriage beyond the things you hear about.  It\’s not about the rules and regulations, dos and don\’ts, it\’s more than that.  Do you know that romance, communication, listening and others are skills you should learn to properly use.  Yeah right, you never knew.

Instead of envying the beautiful pictures out there, begin to create a beautiful yourself.

I ask again, what knowledge do you have now that can help you in the next year? It\’s not about your normal restitution and declaration for the year. What new skills are you learning? Even in this December, am still paying for consultations and new learnings. Make your life count.  When I tell my coach am scared of doing something new, he says FACE THE FEAR AND DO IT AFRAID!






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