Let me tell you why you are stuck and tired of that relationship. 

You have tried all you can to make it work. You have given him kisses, Sex and your full body, yet he is not respecting you. You have cooked and ironed for him but this guy isn\’t thinking serious. 

You have spent all your money on her but she is still cheating on you. You have tushed her up but she isn\’t still looking like that woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

My dear, it\’s frustrating and the painful part is that, no matter how worried you are, worrying won\’t help you. No matter how much you wish, wishes don\’t walk by themselves. You seriously need help. 

Do you know the LAW OF PROJECTION? 

It simply means you project your inner self to the world and magnet your kind back to you. Haaaaa, that means, you have been projecting a stinking part of you and attracting your kind. How would you feel if you could reposition yourself? 

Imagine a new world of greater relationships. Imagine being in the arms of someone who just can\’t let you go, Why? Because you are too much of a kind. 

Okay, let me help you diagnose the problem. How would you feel if you would be listened to without judgements and conclusions? I seriously want to help you. I want you to be whole. I want you to start a new life in 2016. 


Why not book a session with me for an hour. We would talk, laugh and help each other. Am willing to do that. Either on skype, call or your convenient means. I just want to help you but it\’s limited because I can\’t help everyone at the same time. 

I would only help the most serious people. Are you ready for a change? Then reach me personally on . Am waiting. 

 I am concerned about your wholeness and purity. 

Nike Adedokun‎
Twitter/Instagram/Skype: @NikeAdedokun‎

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