When our WILL overtake us……


Sometimes you lie down on your bed watching a romantic movie. You remember that watching the movie would lead you to a sexual acts or seeking for more, instead of avoiding the scene, we find ourselves giving excuses to why it doesn\’t matter until we finally get lured into an act we never wanted.

Sometimes we are in a supermarket with an intention to buy few items but we end up buying more even when we know it would affect our finances.

Sometimes we want to tell the truth but we realise how bad it would turn out and after promising to say the truth, we end up with a lie in the true end.

Sometimes we promise not to do a habit or an act anymore but no matter what we try, we end up still doing it.

Does it mean we really enjoyed what we did?

Not necessarily so, so many times we try to stop a lot of things but it doesn\’t happen because they are unconsciously embedded in us and they just don\’t go away except we become aware of the patterns and master them.

It starts with a thought, which produces an emotion in your body and you can either respond with a yes or no. Sometimes our mind echo no but the will goes ahead to act, that\’s the power of the will as it relates to the unconscious mind.

You won\’t be able to stop that addiction or habit or repeating that mistake except you seek for help, accountability and a deliberate effort which is still a journey.

It is not so easy to get over any addiction, it\’s important you speak up. Accept it and get ready to master it.

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