Past Relationships Series 1:When A Break Up Silence Comes In


#DealingwithToxicPastRelationships 1

I think we need a break!

This is one statement that can turn you into a zombie looking for direction.

After few months of a new behaviour in your relationship, especially a moment where the guy or lady begins to show signs of \”no interest\”, you can\’t afford to keep silent and play careless at this point.

You would begin to ask questions like;  \”Where did I go wrong?\” \”What did I do?, Break-up how? How long? How short? And other frenzy questions that touches the heart and soul.

So many people have gone crazy on hearing this statement especially in a period where they think he or she can never break their heart.

I can imagine the fear on your face, the questions in your heart and the actions you wish you could take.

What about when your partner says they have no reason for the break and they just need some space.

I have seen some ladies head to pastors for prayers over such. Some head to herbalist that can show them the reasons and give them concoctions. Some also call their friends to gist them on the latest advise. Whatever it is that you do, the bottom line is that, it can be hard. Coping with such persons can be harder.

The first time I heard this statement, I asked why, I got no response and I headed straight to the stairs in tears. Worse still was that he didn\’t want to start a conversation. I kept begging for one. At least, a clue could have saved a broken soul but none came forth and that can be more painful. It\’s possible for you get a reason from your own partner but for most, they never hear anything until it suddenly crumbles.

Fast forward to when the break up has already happened, you keep reminders of the date it occurred, the first time you smelt the signs, the negative words they said to you written down in your journal. Worse still is when your friends or family who have once warned you about the relationship begins to mock you. I know this can be painful.

The sacrifices, the time shared, the future you wanted to create, the secrets revealed, the lost you. It can be toxic. 

What happens when a break up occurs? What effects can it have on you? What can it lead to? How do you overcome this? How best can you let go?

We would be finding answers to all this and more over the next few days as we treat this series of #DealingwithToxicPastRelationships 

I hope you would stay with me. 

Please feel free to share any questions or comments with me. You can also send your story to

Let\’s deal with our hurtful past together.  

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