Past Relationships Series 2: The deep Ache Of Break-ups


#DealingwithtoxicpastRelationships 2

Break-ups have sent a lot of people to the grave. Do you know that men commit suicide more than women due to emotional breakdown?

Men right? Funny but true. That\’s how bad it can be. We are talking of emotions here.

After Mark told Katherine that he wanted a break. She tried to create a conversation but there was none. She went back home and made a decision to start prayers and fasting till he agrees to come back.

For Daniel, he couldn\’t understand why a girl who was crazy about him would suddenly become irritated by him. He got upset, and searched for his friends to give him a piece of advice. Whatever the case was, he wanted her back. 

Larry couldn\’t handle what he saw. He caught his girlfriend in bed with her EX. What did he do wrong? This can\’t be happening. 

Cases like these can be traumatic. It can lead to a damaged self image. 

One of the things break up does is to make the person on the receiving end feel like a victim indeed. 

You may feel it was all your fault. You may even feel worse if you have had break-ups in the past. It could make you feel you have a spiritual problem too. Lol, even if you do, have you done your part to break them?

Dealing with past relationships can look impossible. I once felt that way. These days people break up easily. Over social media, through texts and calls. These methods can kill lives. If a one on one approach couldn\’t help, what would an online method do?

Are you frustrated over consistent break-ups?

Are you struggling to survive? 

Let me start by saying that, it\’s not totally your fault. It\’s better to find ways to avoid another break up than to remain stuck trying to fix the glasses that are already broken. 

Together we would find meaning through this path. In the next series, I would tell you why a lot of people suffer through break-ups rather seeking for help. ‎

You matter. Your life depends on you.

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