When You Are Stuck Because Of Sacrifices And Shame…….


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How do I tell them all?

During one of my session on Emotional Healing, I was able to listen to Lauren (not real name) about her struggles with her past relationship. It was really a touching story but I would share a bit of it. ‎

Laura dated Micheal for 15years. They started from their Junior secondary school days. She would visit his house and help with chores and even give him the benefits of her full body. She looked forward to their marriage even if he later stopped talking about it. She was ready to do anything for him. She also made few sacrifices along the way. 

Suddenly, a neighbour called her attention to her boyfriend\’s wedding coming up with another woman. \’He has even rented another apartment for their new home\’, she added. ‎

At first, her parent didn\’t agree but later they did. A lot of things were said about the relationship but she focused and now it\’s over. A wedding with another woman?‎

Her friends would begin to ask questions and she doesn\’t want to be ridiculed. 

She went ahead to make investigations on her new findings and he eventually threw the invitation card at her face when she kept asking for reasons. ‎

What a sad story!

Some of the reasons why you may feel reluctant to leave a toxic relationship is because of the many people attached to it, the number of years involved, the sacrifices made, the expectations around it and many more. 

You begin to wonder how you are going to explain to people about  all that happened.

You may be concerned about the mockery and jesting that would be involved. 

Many times, people can be desperate enough not to let go but keep forcing it. Some people consider their age or  their faithless hope for another person. 

It really took a lot to keep her fit and strong over this. 

But for many, they see the signs ahead but can stop it. You may prefer to stay put than opt out.

All these happens when we don\’t deliberately mould out our relationships with knowledge and caution. 

Now, you are feeling weak, depressed, lonely, frustrated or more. You feel that\’s the end of the world. You feel there is no hope anymore. This can happen to anyone. 

It can cause an unconscious perspective over relationships generally that could lead to more break ups ahead. 

It doesn\’t stop at wanting to let go or moving on, it is also important to reset all that has been swallowed into the mind because a break up can destroy the chance of another better relationship. 

You would simply resist any other good chances due to all you have taken up in pain. 

Is there a way out? Now you know few effects and pains involved. What is your own story? In the next series, I would give out few ways on how to deal with the pains involved because you deserve to live a better life, no matter how hard it has been. 

We can make this work together. Share your experiences with me.

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