Why Some Ladies Will Always Cheat


It is not only men that cheat in their relationship. Ladies are fond of doing it too and they claim to have their reasons too.

No matter how weird it may sound, some ladies are still proud of having different men. They see it as a way of escape for them. I mean they use them to satisfy different wants so more fun to them.

Some reasons why ladies keeps cheating are:

1. Lack Of Good Self- Esteem:
Some ladies feel that dating more than one man makes them rock better than others. Some also feel that they have to be better than their mates by flying high and their description for flying high is having different men. I over heard some ladies saying that "its not good to double date in this school(name withheld) because they could easily know themselves somehow" and I wondered why it was even a thought at all but that's the deal. They feel it would boost their ego and they were still very young(around 18 to 20yrs). So what would happen before 30yrs, maybe God would have touched them, lol.

2. Due To Family Pressure Influence:
Well, for some ladies, they seem to be the breadwinner of their house as the first born, so whatever means is good enough to fend for the money is okay by them. Sometimes, frustration pushes some ladies to do these but knowledge of the consequences of it gives us a better alternative. I think some women should venture into small business to keep the family than sell their body for profit. We can't judge anyone because we have been through different sides of life, we can only advise you to go for a better means of survival.

3. Due To Peer Influence:
Some ladies move in company with people who do it and they feel they have to belong. If you can do something as a result of influence, I feel you could have done it anyways. We should mind the kind of company we keep and the kind of people we get advise from. If you know you can't withstand their lifestyles, just back off from them.

4. Due to Some spiritual Influence:
The truth is some people are act under some demonic influence. Some ladies must have sex per day if not , they won't be themselves. It might be that they are possessed, so for such its better they go for deliverance. You could have friends that do it or you may have observed it yourself, its better you approach a spiritual counsellor or your pastor for help. It is never too late to change and give your life to christ.

5. For The Fun Of It:
Am going to be tagging fun, ignorance, money and so many other reasons here. Some ladies are not possessed or binded by family pressure, they just do it out of ignorance and for the fun. I have seen ladies who come from rich families but still go out with different men. Some ladies are just flirty in nature, they want to get exposed and be famous. They end up moving from here to there. They want to be among the "biggest girls in town" ,so they don't mind dating any man with a nice ride. What some ladies do is to watch fashion shows and music from morning to night. Chatting all through out the day without making a meaningful impact. Some even watch films all day. Men don't want to date a woman who cannot add to his life. Some ladies can't read or go for seminars or workshops that can help their life. They just want to sit down and wait for a man that will keep providing. You had better wise up and become an asset or a plus to your man and family. Make them proud of you. Become useful in the house of God, your environment, family and to yourself.

I hope this would help you ladies.

Men, be of help to a lady today. Inspire her and make her change. Pray for her too rather than complaining. Share to a lady today.

Am sure you have so many other reasons, why not drop your thought on this topic.

Thanks for Reading.

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