Would You Loose Your Eyes Or Your Vision?

Loosing Your vision

I know of a man with two eyes who kept complaining of no money and resources to progress in life. He kept waiting for millions to build an empire before he can feel he has succeded and since he didnt get the millions, he kept waiting for it and never lived a purposeful life.

I know of another man who was born blind but rested in the assurance of God\’s word. He built his dreams on the little he had and now he is a success to the society.

The first person had eyesight but no vision. The second person had no eyesight but got a great vision. Where do you belong?

We have two basic types of vision:

1. Your physical eyesight and

2. Your vision in life…….

A. You could be blind physically and with great focus, you can still acheive your goal in life. You simply need God,support, encouragement and determination. If a man with no eyes can fufil his dreams, then you have no excuse. Yeah!………its not easy but we have blind people making waves like cobhams in the music industry and Stevie wonder(Steveland Hardaway Morris). Steve wonder started playing instrument at a small age. That means you don\’t have a better excuse.

B. Loosing your vision: If you have your vision and still cant concentrate , then its a big problem. Why spend so much years acheiving nothing when you can make the world spin at your presence. No one is born empty ,you just have to discover it and make the best out of it. Don\’t just flow with the crowd, let the crowd feel you too. Don\’t try to be like everyone, BE DIFFERENT. No matter how disabled you are, you still have a purpose to fufil. You cant just come to this earth for no reason. God has placed you on the right path of love from creation, you just didnt notice it. Rather than complaining of what you dont have, focus on what you have and make the best use out of it.

You dont need to have a car to go places. You dont need to be a prince or queen to be honoured. Dont just depend on your talent, its raw material, build on it, be skilled and gain grounds with it. You could learn for years, God could even put you through experiences for so long till you are equipped for His package, it doesnt mean you have been forgotten. God doesnt count time like we do, years may be much in our eyes but the word of God says that a thousand years to us is like a minute to God, so you may be wondering why God hasnt promoted you yet, its just not your time yet. Keep learning from your experiences, the society and people around you. Let the word of God be your standards not the worldly trend. You dont have to be like the world, God has called you to be different. You dont have to have the riches of the world, there is more riches in knowing christ.

Remember that delay is never denial, its just trial period, God has more in stock for you. Abraham waited for years for God\’s promise to be fufilled and he had it in His old years, whats your excuse for not waiting? Are you up to 60years. Why not do something now. Start something now.

A Quote says : A blind person asked GOD: \”Can there be anything worse than losing your Eye sight? He replied YES,losing your vision!

I think its better to loose one eye than to loose your vision and live an unproductive life.

Avoid anything distracting your eyes and your hearts. Let your vision lead you to the spot.

Go out there and be a champion……….

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