3 Creative Things You Can Do To Keep The Spice Up In Your Relationship.


I can’t begin to count how many people have complained about getting bored in a relationship easily but most times, I quite relate because most of my relationship during my single years was filled with intentionally including fun, sweet memories and deep conversations. Your values alignment determines how bored you can get because when you think alike, it becomes easier to do things together.

To have an ever exciting relationship, you have to consider different aspect that brings you both together like your love languages, communicating through the lens of your values, meeting your emotional needs etc. It has to be intentional as nothing can happen if you don’t start it.

These are samples of activities you can do together. You can also apply it in a long distanced relationship too.

  1. What are your interests? You can spend time refining your interests together. If you love traveling, volunteering, football or fashion, you can infuse it in your relationship by discussing about it frequently and learning new things together.
  2. Grow and develop together: Do you know that you can both go to the cinemas together whether in the same location or not? Simply choose a date, movie and visit at the same time while discussing about your adventures via chats. If you see each other often, you can visit together. You can attend seminars and trainings together and separately too. You can choose a book to read and explore together. Regardless of the distance you share, you can still act like you are together and explore learning opportunities together. You can do spiritual activities together depending on your faith. You can pray and meditate together frequently. This allows you to understand your different spiritual beliefs and interests before settling down.
  3. Surprise each other often: Who doesn’t like surprises? Distance is not an excuse. Look out for what your partner likes and create time to surprise your partner. It doesn’t have to be big gifts, little things count. The thoughts matters a lot.

With the use of social media, you can do phone calls, video calls and other interesting activities together. Don’t forget to spend time to see each other when the chance arises.

What other activities do you do to keep your relationship alive? Comment it.

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