Let me be sincere about emotional connection in relationships, often times, after doing all sorts of great things together and communicating frequently, the whole feelings can begin to fade out except something is done to rejuvenate the commitment and experience.

If your relationship is void of healthy activities that connect you together, it can become easy to lose interest in each other.

What can you do to spice it up? In this post, I\’ve shared 7 ways to spice up your relationship so that you can move from Good to Great.

1. Sit down to EVALUATE the months or years you have spent together. What has worked? What keeps causing misunderstandings? What would you like to see more of? In evaluating where you have been, it will become easier to move to the next level. Whatever results comes out of the discussion, be ready implement it.

So what if your partner is refusing to talk about it?

Then I smell a rat.

That can happen because of some reasons like;

– Going through emotional storms at the moment.

– Going through stress at work or some sorts of overwhelm.

– Lack of commitment and unwillingness to work on the relationship.

– Laziness due to entitlement mentality.

If any of the first two options above is happening, talk about it and be sure it\’s the best time to talk.

But if you\’ve noticed from all indications that he or she isn\’t willing to upgrade the relationship, that could be a red flag and instead of defending the toxic behaviors, you need to face the issue and decide to leave if you need to.

Is it easy to leave? Never!

But talk to a professional to help you through the season or you can both go for counseling if some things need to be thrashed. (You can talk to me too)

2. Recap on your LOVE LANGUAGES or talk about it if you’ve never understood it. Love languages are the ways that you express love to one another. You’re supposed to speak your partner’s love language. We have 5 love languages; Words of Affirmation, Acts of service, Quality time, Physical touch and Receiving gifts. I shared more on the topic here: How to Know Your Partner\’s Love Language. Tell your partner how you love to be loved, vice versa. You can also help them by being specific about the samples.

3. Pay attention to the EMOTIONAL NEEDS of your partner: Everyone is wired to desire something in life. Your partner may be seeking for significance, certainty, respect or connection. Talk about it and execute them in the ways they want. They might need more of your attention or support. Find out How To Meet Your Partner\’s Emotional Need.

4. SURPRISE each other: These are little things that makes you both spark each other. Be romantic and spontaneous. It doesn’t have to cost so much but the thought is what matters. Regardless of the distance, you can send your gifts.

If your partner lives far away, consider using a courier services or through a friend who stays close.

5. Spend more TIME together: If you’re always giving excuses then you’re not committed. You’ll always find a way around it. Whether it’s more of video calls, hangout or phone call, talk more and appreciate each other.

Find out how your partner loves to spend time and implement it in your schedule.

6. Invest in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: You cannot grow beyond what you know. Sign up for emotional and relationship courses together. Read books and share the lessons. I recommend that you read “How I Got The Ring”, send me a mail to if you have issues navigating the page. You can also chat me up on Whastapp directly using this link: Talk To Nike

7. PRAY together: When you pray together, you’ll begin to break down walls and barriers together.

What if my partner doesn\’t encourage spiritual activities between us while dating, then that\’s a sign that you\’re with someone who doesn\’t share your values. If spirituality is a top value for you, then be with someone who is proud of that and will be willing to create that foundation as you date. If you keep fighting over it, find out how they prefer to build spiritual intimacy and decide if you\’re a good fit or not. Don\’t just ignore these things because in marriage, it can affect your relationship with each other.

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I hope you learnt something?

Which of these would you implement? Drop a comment and I would love to engage with you.

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