3 Ways To Make New Friends Easily At An Event


So you love attending events but you don’t always make new friends? Or you hardly go out and when you do; you keep to yourself all through?

I remember some years back when I attended a wedding, I didn’t know anyone there except the bride so I was worried about how I would enjoy myself. On getting there, I saw other young men and ladies but I couldn’t even connect with them. I kept to myself and was on my phone most of the time. It ended up being a boring outing for me but on other days, I could choose to be a bubbly participant of a wedding and make it fun for myself.

These three tips should help you:

  1. Have a ready and open mind to make friends ahead because your mindset is what helps you to get started. If you go there looking moody, you may ruin your day. If you frown your face throughout, nobody will love to approach you. Any thoughts you have in your mind will affect your confidence, aura ad charisma so do your best to be prepared ahead emotionally, physically and mentally.
  2. Look out for people you would like to mingle with and approach them. If you are waiting for someone to approach you, you may end up meeting nobody. Reach out to people by saying hello and creating conversations around the colors, food or concept of the event till you can find a common ground.
  3. Compliment people: One of the best ways to make new friends is by looking for something to compliment. It could be their dress, beauty, personality, eloquence, fashion style or anything that catches your fancy. Approach and compliment in a sincere way. Be specific about what you are complimenting. For instance, you can say that you love the color of the shirt rather than saying; ‘you look good’ alone. You can approach a new friend by saying; “Hello there, my name is Nike. I‘ve been watching you from the other corner and I truly admire your dress. The style really suits you and the color is bright.” You should wait for a response and continue with warm questions that are not too personal till you find out the interests you both share and can discuss about for a while then you exchange contacts. When you get home, send a short message or make a call showing appreciation for the new friendship.

Will you try this at an event next time?

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