4 Dangerous Effects Of Dating A Guy Because Of Money

It has become a national saga that women love money so much.Men now feel without money,they can’t maintain arelationship. Well,its not wrong for a guy to take care of his girl once in a while but it should not be a big burden but pleasure.Its not a crime for girls to ask their boyfriends for money but it should not be an everyday issue.


Ladies should not depend on men for everything. Don’t be lazy,strive for yourself and gain your respect and value in the society. Here are some consequences of depending a guy for money:

1. You will loose yourself: When you keep believing that a guy can always meet your needs,you will have no reason towork for yourself. Some girls have become lazy simply because someone drops the money at the right time. Talents are hiding because some ladies have covered it up for comfort. When you strive also,you would plan better with the money from the bothsides.

2. You will get stuck: When you are in a relationship becauseof money,you will find it difficult to realize the bad sides of the relationship. Even when the guy beats you or maltreat you,you will find it difficult to leave him because of your selfish gains.Not all relationships are healthy but with the presence of money,you would want to be stuck there as long as he pays your bills.

3. You will feel indebted: If all you do in your relationship is to take and not give,then you are going to feel indebted somehow. He will always threaten you knowing he has done alot for you. Even when you want to come out of the relationship,you would think of all what he has got for you and the fear of him asking you to return it back.

4. You will loose the chance of marriage: If a guy discovers that the only thing you do Is ask for money,he would see you as a materialistic type and may not want to marry you. A man wants to marry a woman that will add to him not subtract at alltimes. A man will marry a woman with vision,an independent woman,a prudent woman not just a flashy wife that adds nothing.

———Try and chase your dreams and allow him respect you too. A man once said his girlfriend was better than his wife at home and that was when the woman was not working but depending on him. Now she works with a big bank and she is doing well. When the man wants to talk now,he mentions his wife with respect because he knows she is making good cash.He is now proud of her. That changed because she strived forherself. Don’t be a burden for a man but a plus.

The bible described a virtuous woman as the one who cares for her home, husband,children and helps him too.What do you think? Please drop your comments.

Thanks for Reading.

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