5 Tips On How To Be A Good Girlfriend (Part 1)

1. Appreciate Yourself First:
If you don’t love who you are, then how do you intend to love who you have. You need a very good high self esteem to relate with others well. Most ladies feel intimidated when they see their men with someone else. Some even go fighting. If you do that, it only depicts how inferior you are. Learn to understand that you are one in a million. If your man don’t appreciate you, then you should know where you stand. Love yourself first and get ready to share yourself with someone else .
2. Share Your Mind and Be Open:
A relationship require people who can share their dreams together. You are two strange people getting to know each other well, you need to be able to be real about things. Ask questions. Be inquisitive, this is a good way of getting to know each other. Pour out your mind politely. Since you don’t know his likes and dislikes, you can try doing things that can bring up a good conversation which would lead to you knowing each other well.
3.Be Patient:
There is nothing good as letting things fall into places. Don’t force things to happen as a lady but you can influence things. Don’t be too worried about early signs you are not seeing yet. He might not act too clingy yet so don’t force him. Don’t force the commitment, its his job. He should know his way out. He might see you as been clingy when you try to teach him all what to do and you forcing him to do them too. You shouldn’t force him to call, call you sweet names or do romantic text. Just follow the lead. Don’t get unnecessarily worried at the beginning.
4. Be Your Real Self:
Don’t try to be a perfect girlfriend that you are not. Don’t act like kim kardashian or the likes. Don’t create a fake personality just to impress him. It
might be tempting if you think he’d prefer a different type of girl but being yourself really pays. We might not be the total kind of person they want but being yourself is the best way he can get to appreciate you at the end. After all, he wants to date you, not some
imagined form of perfection. And if you really feel tempted to change things about yourself because he insists that you’d be better thinner, taller, prettier,
quieter, whatever, then it’s a good
indication that you’re not compatible. If he actually says such things to you in a badgering, persistent manner, then it is not love, but an attempt to control you.
5. Share In His Interest: 
We all have different interest in life and our ambitions varies but helping each other achieve your goals is worth it. Don’t pretend that you share his interests if you don’t. It might be
amusing or “safe” to do so initially but it’s extremely hurtful when he learns that you don’t really love what he loves; he could be basing his thoughts about your role in his future on
something that isn’t real and it’ll end up hurting both of you. You just have to key yourself into what he likes and learn how to support him. Men like when women support their ambition too.
More to come on this topic.
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