6 Ways To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship

Most of us know we are in a bad relationship but we just don’t want to get out. Some of us don\’t even know how to get out while some don\’t even realize it yet.

These are some tips to know you are in a wrong relationship:

1. No inner peace: There are times you feel threatened in your relationship. You keep wishing to leave. You have noassurance in you to stay. You think of it all and you just feel you are wasting your time. Though,there are times our instinct can deceive us but when it is too constant, then you need to check well. You need to be happy in your relationship. There are times you would fight and argue but you would settle but there is more to your inner peace. Do you feel peace around you? Are you happy being with your partner?

2. Constantly abusing you: If your partner keeps abusing you physically, emotionally etc,then there is a problem. Physically- when your partner constantly abuses you physically,then you are becoming a punching bag gradually,you need to opt out. A man needs to respect his woman. Emotionally too- you need to watch it. Does he or she toy with your feelings or take you for granted?

3. You don’t feel appreciated: Does your partner constantly complains about you or mock you. Does he or she makes youfeel inferior or like a fool. When you love someone you need to appreciate them just the way they are. You could adjustsomethings you don’t like politely and with love but not by constantly nagging about it. You need to be with someone that loves you the way you are. Don’t shave your hair because he says he wants a bald head or become so thin because of him,he could leave you someday but make sure you look good and attractive. Don’t date a girl that will reduce your standards too. Be a Man.

4. All About Sex: Is your partner always demanding for sex at all times without caring about your needs ,that’s not good enough. It should always be about sex. Some men only call some ladies when they have the urge and tip with some money later,you should know you are being used then. Is she always demanding for money unnecessarily, check that too. A woman should be prudent and not too materialistic.

5. You are lying to yourself: Have you noticed some bad signs in your partner but you keep telling yourself that they will change,don’t deceive yourself,they won’t. Even if they do now,they will still adjust back. If you are always covering up for your partner’s attitudes or action with a lie to your friends and family,then you need to check out.

6. No plans or visions: Are you in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to plan with you but alone,then try finding out why. Do they always want to ignore talks on future plans? Or you already know its just for fun,don’t waste your life then. A man or woman that loves you will discuss your future and for the both of you too. Not by being selfish about it. Always be sure though.If you are seeing the signs,then think well about it. There would be more on signs to let go. Always learn to communicate on issues bothering you with your partner too before cominginto conclusions.  If you don\’t feel loved, its better you walk out now.

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