Facts On How Some Guys Think About Ladies

Going On Dates……….Guys Mentality

Was trying to look at how some ladies go extreme on dates. Ordering beyond their limits, taking bags home not evenminding if the guy can afford it or not. They feel that’s how it should be done. They have been possessed by the simple rules of the society. 

Who cares about what the society thinks? Its about your life and your dignity.Back to the men. Men sometimes feel that as long as they have taken you out on a date or they have spent some cash on you,then you must say YES. Where did that thought come from?.

Ladies can’t be bought with fried rice, turkey, juice,ice cream, pop corn, recharge cards, sharwama, chips and chicken, cakes and the list goes on and on. Well, some can. If she really likes you, she won’t even try emptying your pocket like that. She will feel someform of respect towards you.

You don’t need to feel like a lady is indebted to you because you bought her things. That mentality is what has lead some men raping ladies. If youknow you can’t spend without expecting in return, don’t just bother spending. So that you don’t feel bad at the end.

Please guys stop falling mugu to some ladies who wants just yourmoney, you are not her father. If you must spend much, Feel free to spend without asking in return. At least, love is sacrifice. *winks*I hate the idea of relationships being a give and take for sex. You give ideas, help, support, etc and get that care in return too not sex.My point here is: Don’t feel that she has to say yes because you have taken her out and spent a lot too. Don’t also feel she is indebted to you. It was your choice to have helped her. Changethat mentality.

If you know you don’t have much to survive, flee from materialistic ladies. You can spot some from the way they talk, act, dress etc.

Like I use to say: Be Wise! Be Real!! Be You!!!Share your views too.

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