Facts On How Some Ladies Think (Part 1)

Going on dates: Placing Orders

Its all about respecting yourself.Ladies generally feel that when they go on a date with aguy,they have to order for rice , chicken, salad and juice. Whata combination!!!. Ain’t saying its not good to enjoy life but to be sincere,are we ordering for the food because we wish to eat it or because we want him to spend the money?. We even go ahead to bring 3 of our friends and buy for some other friends athome. No lies, we do it.

Is it a crime to order for snacks or just drinks. You can evenbuy popcorn and ice cream. I mean you can go simple ratherthan combine that heap of food in the name of date. I just feelsome people eat those kinds of food rarely so they use thatopportunity to eat it all while some ladies feel that’s the bestway to make him spend. Fine, even if you order for that, mustyou now take another one home for your friends?

A date is an appointment between two or more people but if heinvited you out, its because he wants to have a word to word discussion on the matters of the heart with you alone not with a company. You would even spend more time eating than talking.

An eatery Is just an idea of a serene environment aside your home to talk. It should not be an avenue to take advantage of him. Am sure you won’t like other girls doing that to your brother.One fact there is that some guys judge a lady by what theyorder during date at times so at any place you find yourself always be moderate about what you buy,shop or order for.Keep your ego high. Let guys respect you. Except if he is yourboyfriend, or someone close enough, don’t pull any unnecessary ununderstandable stunts with men. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat but let it be moderate. Some peoplehave problems with some food or drink but will still order just to spend the cash. You don’t always have to agree because the truth is bitter……..Be wise!!!!!!

I rest my case………

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