8 Qualities A Man Looks For In A Lady He Wants To Marry


Men tend to be good observer of things. They pretend not to care about these things but will be actually watching you in the other side of it. Here are some qualities a man always want to see in a lady he wants to marry. He is always proud about these things and he is ready to spend his life with her when she possess these characteristics.

1. God-fearing: When a man is for real ,he would care about your relationship with God. When a man is out to play a lady,he doesn't care if she prays,go to church or anything but when he is for real,these things matters to them. What is your relationship with God? Do something about it. A man wants a woman that can always pray for him or turn to God in times of trouble. He feels a level of security in it.

2. Intelligence: How do you think? What are your visions and goals in life? Do you have a dream or you just wake up and face life the way it comes? A man wants a woman who can add positive values to him. Someone who can advise him in his profession at least to some extent. They want a lady that can impact something in them for the future. Being a big girl goes beyond being expensive,you must have something up there. A man is challenged by a smart lady. He sees a future there and want to stick to it.

3. Submission and Behavior : How submissive are you? A man wants a lady with a good attitude. A lady he can speak to and would listen. A man don't want a woman that would always want to control his opinions, movement, speech,decisions etc. Looking at the behavior part. Are you well mannered? How friendly and nice are you? All these things matters to a man. Work on it. A man wants to feel like a Boss. Let him be.

4. Prudence: Money is always a big issue for men. They don't want a lady that is too materialistic. A lady that would depend on him for everything that she wants. Learn to manage your
finances,it matters to a man. You can always help him control his spending too and he would appreciate it if its in favor of him too.

5. Maturity: You should be matured in your dealings,decisions,attitudes and behaviors. A man doesn't want childishness in his lady,though it can come in once in a while but not at all times. An experienced lady is a plus at all times. You shouldn't always go and meet your parents or friends for opinions. Learn to be independent too.

6. Neatness: Men don't always want a dirty woman. You must know how to tidy up your house before you can do yours. A guy was complained that when his fiancée is around, she wouldn't pick up the plates to wash, she would just wait for him to call some children around to do the tiding up. Isn't that a minus for her, he said he knew deep down she couldn't go beyond the dating schemes. You don't have to act like his house girl but you can do some necessary chores.

7. Character: A woman that has beauty but lacks character is a disgrace to womanhood. A man wants a woman with good characters. You should be able to relate well with people and act well too. If all you do is act awkward, he may not consider you for marriage.

8. Beauty: This is coming last because if a lady is very beautiful and lacks the rest,she may not get very lucky. A man
can get attracted to your beauty but your personality is what keeps him on board. Talking of beauty,a lady must take good care of herself,be neat,and not too flashy. Nice smell is a good
plus too with confidence. With these and God on your side,you should get lucky with a good man by your side.

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