Was My Imagination Really Right About Love? Read More…………


I lied down on my bed pressing the buttons of my phone while i pondered on what love truly is.

What is Love? Do you think i can explain it, i don't think so. We all seem to have our definition of Love but the truth is "Do we really know what Love makes us do".

We just sit down and conclude we are in love because we have sleepless nights for someone. Can't you also think about someone so much and stop it after having a carnal knowledge of them.

Why do some people hate the one they claim to love so much after having sex?. Does it mean sex doesn't prove Love?.

Sex is a beautiful gift for the married, so it enhances their love. If you keep jumping from one hearts to the other with sex involved, you are only destroying your destiny.

Let's talk about God. God loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for us (John 3:16). What have you given to the one you love sacrificially. No matter what we do to God, he is always willing to draw us back.

I can't imagine a guy publishing his ex-girlfriend nude pictures just to get back on her. What kind of revenge is that and it is common these days. To the ladies, what kind of love made you allow him to snap you naked?.

How can you claim to be in love and you never consider the interest of your partner?. Why force your partner into doing everything you want?. Why not encourage them in theirs too?.

Love is sacrifice. Stop making noise over the phone you bought for her. And ladies, why can't you ever buy a gift for him. Your money is not only meant for make ups and expensive hair.

We are mostly selfish in love. We abuse the word "Love". Let me tell you a truth, love makes us act foolish. Forget the theory of being smart. When you are in love, you act blindly. Everything becomes perfect in your eyes.

Seriously, I have been thinking," what was on God's mind when he asked Jesus to die for our sins?". He went extreme. Have you gone extreme like that for the one you love?. Have you really sacrificed your time, care, money, attention, ego for the one you love?.

Why the complains?

Love doesn't find faults. Why do you complain about every wrong you see?. No one is perfect, so I know. Why dump him or her because they couldn't fit into a place very much?.

Am still thinking I guess. Breakups here and there. Little things creating a distance and everyone keeps talking.

Sssssshhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I don't need your perfection, my love.

I just want you to make me feel different from any other feeling I know. I want you add value to my life while I spice up yours.

Love is a beautiful feeling, if only we are ready to fight for it and sacrifice much for it.

I think Love is when someone keeps hurting you and you keep drawing them back to your life.

Love is when you give your last kobo to someone so they survive.

Love is being there when no one is for that person.

Love is coping with a person even when they have nothing or little.

Love is when you find yourself with a person you never dreamed of managing.

Love is loving someone in spite of all their imperfections.

My eyes opens clearly, gosh,,,,am awake in a country called "Nigeria' located in a continent called "Africa" where sex is defined as love for the unmarried and a pretty face or a handsome rich dude is enough to start a relationship.

Seek knowledge now for wisdom is the principal thing.


Okay!!!!!!! It was just an imagination…………..

What do you think about Love?

Thanks for Reading.

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