A Poem To The Women With Love

Incomplete without flavour and favour would creation be without thee, the world indeed needed a help meet, the missing link to have dominion and replenish the earth. Great sleep, rest and ribs brought forth thee,through thee the one that salvaged the savaged world saw breath. How great is thy inner invincible strength even at the resurrection of His death. The land is in trouble and shambles without thee. Mighty is thy worth and virtue; faithful, prayful, steadfast, obedience, great courage,with inner beauty, tender in heart, loving and caring yet strong and hopeful. Willing to explore with positive reachable vision and mission. Heavenly words short to express and explain. In plain, you bear the keys to make a change and gain the entire world. Greatly endowed and complete you are oh WOMAN!
Adored with charm and Godly splendour. Designed for wholeness and perfection,conquerous in a conquest. Arise, shine and take your right place, for God has destined you a spice and taste in life for His glory as vessel pure, sure and holy for the call to make great His love on the cross. Arise sing forth His praises with melodious voices. Arise let d foundation of the earth hear your wail. Arise in faith for the heaven still await!Arise, hell is in thundering with quake. Arise! Arise!! Arise!!! Dedicated to all women. By Emma Okofu

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