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Arguments are unavoidable in relationships with others. We all have different views and opinions about life. We have different backgrounds and our sense of reasoning differs.
It\’s not just about arguing but fighting the good fight. People may not agree to your terms or view but there should be a bottom line. Though we try to be defensive in our view but learning and observation can kill unnecessary arguments. Not everyone can argue so much and a silence from the other party doesn\’t necessarily mean you are right.
\”My research shows that learning to delay your response helps you stay calm and find solutions during major conflicts”. Between pauses, use the time to listen to your partner. The more you’re on the same page, the easier it is to resolve fights quickly and fairly.
Our guest, @bunmi_sobowale believes that : Arguments arises because of differences and circumstances. And we must take into cognisance that the presence of of arguments does not mean couples don’t love each other. Every couple is unique in their own way and each partner has their own way of arguing or fighting the good fights.
Join us later today (Friday) for November edition of #SinglesDate (monthly twitter seminar) tagged : \”Handling Arguments In Relationships\”-Fight The Good Fight.
Tweechers: @NikeAdedokun and our amiable guest @bunmi_sobowale .
Host: @relcapsules.
Venue: Twitter
Oluwabunmi Sobowale calls herself the daughter of zion, a woman after God\’s heart.
She helps rape victims or physically/ emotionally abused women get their self esteem and confidence back.
She is a strong survivor speaking for rape victims and kicking against rape;
She was recently interwied on ebony life tv and different radio station to share her life-story. She is a woman that thirst for knowledge and wisdom. She is blessed to be a blessing, blogger/writer, a praise leader and a worshipper, she makes cakes and she is also into sales.
She is the founder of PROJECT KAR and convener of #AARTalk on twitter. Don\’t forget to make it a date with other singles.
Follow the three handles to join the seminar.
Share this to others and be a channel of blessing to them.
You are Blessed.

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