#SinglesDate Online Seminar(October Edition) : Handling Third-party Temptations In Relationships By Grace Festus

Now lets welcome @Grace_Festus as she starts the seminar with her great teaching. You are welcome ma.
@relcapsules thank you so much for #SinglesDate I\’ll be sharing briefly on HANDLING 3RD PARTY TEMPTATIONS IN RELATIONSHIPS
@Grace_Festus : Let me start by saying temptation is part of life, so get ready for it. If Jesus could be tempted who are you not to? #
Temptation is not a sin but falling for it is where the issue is #SinglesDate
Temptations abound everywhere…home, work place, religious houses and where you least expect #SinglesDate
Some temptations come with blackmail so you need to be wise and smart #SinglesDate #Handling3rdPartyTemptationInRelationships
Let me state this loud & clear: temptation will always put your true character to test #SinglesDate
So who you truly are will come out glaring in the face of temptation #SinglesDate
So how do you handle 3rd party temptations in relationships? Let me share few tips #SinglesDate
Set boundaries to closeness to third party especially those of the opposite sex #SinglesDate
Be honest with yourself & to your partner. You owe that to your relationship. #SinglesDate
Faithfulness is a great virtue, imbibe sexual values and morals. They\’ll help you in the face of temptation #SinglesDate
Have an accountability partner, someone who you can easily open up to and tell what you\’re facing #SinglesDate
Remind yourself what you stand to lose if you cheat on your partner or fall into temptation #SinglesDate
Respect your partner & relationship. Learn to say NO to a \’seducer\’ or \’tempter\’ and mean it #SinglesDate
Learn to \’flee\’, \’run\’ and \’take-off\’ if that\’s the only option to save you from the temptation. Learn from Joseph in the bible #Singlesdate
If your partner loves you he/she will believe you even if the \’tempter\’ is close to him/her #Singlesdate
Don\’t hide your thoughts or temptation from your partner. You are a team, face it together #SinglesDate
Watch the friends you keep, don\’t keep friends who can set you up for rape or those looking for ways to end your relationship #Singlesdate
Lastly, be disciplined, do you fall for anything in skirt? That temptation may be a trap so watch out #SinglesDate

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