Can A Relationship Last Without Sex?


One of the most arguable and unrealistic topic among the singles is if they can have a relationship without sex. A lot of people assumes that without romance or sex in place, they would build a boring relationship hence a little spice-up is needed.

A reader has once asked this question on sex and relationships Do I allow him have sex or not?


Well, that may sound easily right but here are some opinions by professionals in their various field. The diary of a sexual addict


I engaged some awesome minds on this topic to get their sincere view on \”Can A Relationship Last Without Sex?\”.


Read their view thus:


I strongly believe that sex is sacred. When you consummate with an individual, you are creating a \’spiritual bond\’ with him. Remember, your body is likened to the temple of God, and it deserves every iota of respect. When you have sex with your current boyfriend/girlfriend, who you cannot ascertain a future with, you are only telling him that you are a cheap commodity and he will treat you as such.  If a man is not ready to go by the scriptures and wait till marriage, he does not worth you. Do not let your emotions ruin you. Sex is sacred, and is meant to be enjoyed when you walk down the aisle. Keep your body for that special someone. You don\’t even know whether your current boyfriend, isn\’t the right man for you. Do not jump the gun. Exchange ideas not sex-styles.

By Aminat Kalejaiye. Leadership and life coach.


It is very simple to have a relationship that doesn\’t include sexual encounters when both people involved understand the importance of building a deep friendship, merging life goals and preparing for their future. When there is a lack of vision and spiritual focus, pre-marital sex becomes the temptation of blissful escape. When the two people engage in sex without a vision or clarity for their future and without a strong friendship , it causes emotional and spiritual hell. It is very possible to have a very beautiful relationship without sex but the two must be mature, focused and share the same vision to create a life that makes them feel good and they agree to live together rather than feed the impulse of body chemistry and regret it later.

By Nekisha Michelle. She is the Doyenne of Soulful Love and Hollywood TV Personality.



Yes, a relationship can last without sex… but with the addition of romance… I was in a relationship for three years without sex but we did romance… We were living fine because we had an agreement before we started the relationship… She was lucky, but you might not… but abstinence is the best… #NoRomance… She just broke up with me because it has weaken her spiritual life which is key to fulfilling one\’s purpose in life.

By Benedict Olusola Amusan. Founder Reason2Live (NGO)

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12 thoughts on “Can A Relationship Last Without Sex?”

  1. Very educative! Personal vision, spiritual focus, clarity of the future, emotional security/intelligence, determination and self-worth are the parameters to consider before entering and during a relationship so as to avoid premarital sex.

    Many thanks, keep the good job going!

  2. Ibiyemi Biodun Olatomiwa

    it”s is very very( possible to have a relationship without sex) I had a relationship for two years plus believe me no sex no romance no kissing & we spent all most three years no sex

  3. My dear sis, you have greatly well by putting this piece together. Enlightening, Educative and informative. More Grace.

  4. Thank you Adenike, I have gone through all the comments and everyone here seems to be on the same page.
    It really pains me how premarital sex has become a norm. One of the challenges singles face is finding someone who will respect their wish of “no sex till marriage”. many have given in to it because of pressures from their partners.
    pre marital sex is also a precursor for extra marital affairs. If a single lady/man can keep himself before marriage, there is high chances of being faithful in marriage because they have mastered the act of self control as singles.
    The media is not helping matters too. Anyway, enough of the lamenting. What do we do?
    We need to blow this trumpet louder than the media! Every girl should learn how to close her legs till marriage and every guy should zip up.
    God will help us. I am deeply pained when I see singles engaging in premarital sex.

  5. You are a blessing to those who have been torn, heartbroken, written off for life by those who feel they are God. You wrote such a powerful piece. Unfortunately for me I happen to find guidance on relationship at 26years when i have made so many mistakes, dishonoured God and now hate men. Pls dont judge me. It hasnt been easy. Im christian and have been praying to God for a change, and also to direct me to christian dating coach who would potray and exemplify what real Godly relationships should be like. Please is it possible that relationship capsule operates as a whatsapp or telegram group so that females can benefit better? its just a suggestion. I see many lost females like myself who need help but dont know who to go to. I hope that many females who wana genuinely change will embrace the light with your words. God bless you.

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