Double Dating : \”Healthy Or Not?\”

So many people have always viewed double dating as a way out of not getting dissapointed when one patner leaves.

Double dating is when you are dating more than one guy or lady. It is something that happens with the both sex. Some claim to double date because of security, they feel that even when one dissapoints them or fumbles,there will always be a quick replacement.

Some also do it to acquire more financial help from different guys,this is common among ladies. They feel that when you date one guy and you need money, if he refuses to give you then you are only on your own but with different guys you can easily pick on all of them at the same time with at least one helping out out of all. Some ladies even date different men for different purposes,some for free food, recharge cards or subscription charge, sex, money, rides etc.

Men also double date because they feel ladies are not to be trusted, so they want to feel secured with many,some for sex, money, chores etc. Everyone seems to have a motive behind it and it has become a common trend.

I want to believe that a matured man or lady should know what he wants and get it rather than testing many. It has its consequences too,its either one finds out and destroys everything thereby loosing them all or you will keep having the fear of unfaithfulness from the patners.

Some guys never reveal their status to a lady, they pretend to be single eveb wheb they have been married or not.

Starting a relationship requires time, energy, commitment, trust and prayers. You need to let God direct you on who to marry instead of making repeated mistakes. God’s time is the best. Put it in his hand,it is better to be single than to waste time in a fruitless relationship. God has designed one person for us and until we meet such person, we might keep playing games with different hearts. The only lesson in having past relationships is the experience gained.

Double dating is not healthy,desist from it. Even if your relationship doesn’t work out,you would have learnt some things from it that would help you in your next relstionship. Some relationships are meant for some purposes in our lives, it doesn’t mean it would work out to the end. Its not every one you must that you must marry. In every relationship, open your eyes and your mind to some things,don’t make mistakes that can cause you a lifetime,don’t start makng unnecessary oath for love etc.

Love can come from any corner, don’t think you can’t love again. The fact that it didn’t work out well with that person doesn’t mean you should kill yourself or embark on a journey of vengeance,its not worth it. There would be better days ahead if only you can relax well for the right person.

Dont try to please the world by flowing with its trends. If you start double dating now, you will cheat on your partner when you are married too. It will continue to affect your litestyle in marriage. You would never be satisfied.Its a fact you must know.

Help yourself by stopping it now.

2 thoughts on “Double Dating : \”Healthy Or Not?\””

  1. wow,brilliant article,i left a bad relationship recently,and it happened that she was cheating on me,i left without any accusation and till now i never heard from her again and i was so happy to take that decision..but please how do i care for sex life while still single? i dnt wanna rush into another relationship just for the sake of sex,i want to avoid sexual frustrations,any advice pls?

    1. Hello Daniel, thank you for reaching out. I believe you need to first change the meaning you have attached to sex and give your mind a reason why you don’t need to have sex now. Get busy with other things so that you can divert your attention and when you are alone and tempted, remind yourself of your new meanings and get closer to God too.

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