After the painful breakup I had few years back, I made some unconscious decisions which affected me later on. I even went ahead to say that I have forgiven even when deep down I was still stalking him on social media, crying in the secret corner of my room or wishing for a come back.

At some point, I told myself the truth. Other times, I repeat the lies in my head. Along the line, I found myself handling it the wrong way for years. Every car that looked like his car was a reminder. Every location we had been too became an anchor. I couldn't erase. There was always a feeling of sigh when I thought about it. I felt cheated and betrayed in so many ways. I also wished I knew what went wrong but I had to heal. At some points, I felt inadequate and it was painful for me. I deserved more. I wanted to be in control of my emotions. I knew I was better than I got. What if I could truly overcome the heartbreak? I sought the Internet for answers but there were temporary solutions. I continued my journey and was determined but I had learnt some unhealthy beliefs in the process which I needed to scale off also.

I needed closure. I need to end the series of internal pain as I moved on.

Healing and loving again isn't a day's job, it's beyond that but knowing and applying the tools can make the journey faster.

When I listen to some heartbreak issues, I realise that so many people prefer to handle their heartbreak issues in the following ways:

1. Denial: I know you may think it is okay to shove the issue down your spine but that's not the healthy way around it. Denying that you have been hurt wouldn't solve the problem. You need to admit it.

2. Avoidance: Oh! Maybe you are avoiding it also. When people ask you, you just say it's in the past but it's a lie. It's right in your memory dictating your affairs with new people. Avoiding the memory isn't the best deal too.

3. Talking about it all the time: The more you share the painful story with people without healing, the more it makes you feel worse about yourself.

4. Starting a new relationship to cover up: When you try to start another relationship, you may find yourself being selfish or non-committed. The best way is to heal before venturing into another relationship.

You will be so surprised to know that after a painful breakup, the 10 major emotional types can befall you on different days even at the same time.

The 10 emotional types are Discomfort, Fear, Hurt, Anger, Guilt, Frustration, Inadequacy, Overwhelm, Disappointment, and Loneliness.

Did you notice the feelings you have felt already? I felt them all.

As much as you have to admit the pains, you need to be able to change the meaning attached to it and find ways to start a new journey again.

After getting skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Level 1 and 2, I have learnt that facing the pain is different from keeping it buried. The former is the best way.

In this ebook: "DO-IT-YOURSELF in 7 Days: A step by step guide to overcoming heartbreaks,  I shared on:

1. The mistakes you should avoid after a breakup.
2. The true act of forgiveness.
3. 7 days practical guides on how to overcome heartbreaks and more.

After reading this ebook, you will be able to let go, move on, heal and love again.

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