Growing Your Emotional And Spiritual Life As A Single For A Healthy Relationship


In my second year in the university, I began to sought out for something bigger than myself. I began to yearn for growth and development in the mental, spiritual, financial and emotional realm. Since I know that a lot of people focus only on the physical growth, I wanted to differ.

One area that singles are lacking is growing in these areas. That\’s why I always ask; \”What do you mean when you say you are working on yourself?\”. Many haven\’t defined what this means and rarely take opportunities to do so.

Let\’s talk about growing emotionally and spiritually in this post.

1. EMOTIONALLY: This is a vital aspect of the human mind growth because it determines how matters and issues of life are handled. The reason why you can\’t be patient or understanding is linked to your emotional intelligence. The reason why you have so much issues with insecurity, low self-esteem, obsession and jealousy is because you aren\’t even aware of the importance of your emotions too.

To become emotionally intelligent, you must first go through the journey of self awareness down to self management which leads to self mastery.

What journey have you started?

Married couples would testify to why it is necessary to master these skills because reality had a way of teaching them forcefully in marriage. As singles, you can learn this to become better and smarter in handling real life issues.

You need to be able to observe the unhealthy patterns working in you, your family, your previous relationships etc. Trace the source and replace them. It is necessary to focus on mind boosters, mind your company and seek to earnestly grow.

2. SPIRITUALLY: I will like to say that 80% of people take names to various prophets to confirm their spouse because they lack spiritual intelligence. The remaining 20% can fall among those who wish to submit to a higher force, confirm what they know, follow church doctrines, or out of ignorance.

There is nothing wrong in asking your pastor to pray about discerning the right partner but many of you don\’t pray by yourself too.

Before starting my relationship, the first person I submitted to was God. I prayed about it and he showed me few things that I have seen happening now. After praying to God, I introduced him to my parents. I wasn\’t playing hide and seek. I also told my spiritual mentor about him at the same time.

It was God——Parents——-Spiritual mentor.

But many start with the spiritual mentor out of laziness to pray. Marriage is a spiritual institution. You need to be spiritually intelligent too. You need to be spiritually sensitive to know when physical matters come up and when it\’s spiritual. We all know that a praying wife keeps her home than a nagging wife.

How would you handle your home when you couldn\’t even handle little matters yourself?

We have been groomed in such a way that we take every slight issue to our pastors. Many don\’t know God yet claim a religion.

Many singles today lack a relationship with God. Only few do.

Do you ever create time to pray, study, meditate, practice true love and giving, evangelize, etc?

You can be any of these three.

A religious fellow.
A religious illiterate.
A spiritual man/woman.

I\’m sure you know what that means.

As a single, you should equip yourself in all the areas of singleness.


As 2016 comes to an end, how do you intend to equip yourself in any of the listed means?

Any plans yet? Any questions?

Let\’s talk about it.

You can talk to me at\"attracting-an-audience\"

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