6 Ways To Get Lively And Busy When You Get Bored As Singles 


Truth be told, there are times you may just feel lonely and hopeless in your corner waiting for a fairy tale sparkle to come bubbling all over your face. You may just wish you could get in the arms of someone you love or feel relevant instantly. 

Here are few things you can do in your abode to bring life into your boring schedule. 
1. Get airtime and list out names of friends you haven\’t heard from in a while and simply call. You could decide to call just 4 or 5 friends but you should get strategic about it. For instance, ask about what they do, how life has been and how you can add value. One great thing that can happen is doors opening for an opportunity or you getting a contract from there. You could get connected to new ideas. You could also make your friends smile again. At the end of the calls, you will be more energized about the value you have created. 
2. Read a book with style. If you decide to just read a book, you can fall asleep in the process. 

It\’s better to jot down the major points you learnt from the book. 

Write down the highlight and ponder on it. As time goes, you would have spent 1 hour or more learning new things. 
3. Take a stroll. You don\’t have to sit in your house feeling bored. You can walk down the street and end up meeting a new person. You could even buy something you need down the road. 
4. Spend time with God : This is also a great time to meditate, pray and ponder on God\’s word. You could spend 1 hour, less or more in the abyss of God\’s grace. That\’s an investment in your spiritual bank. 
5. Sleep. With the everyday distraction and stress, you need to take time to rest. Maybe you can just do a sleep ritual and boost your body. 
6. Visit a friend. There is nothing wrong in going over for a visit. You can both visit a place together and catch new adventure. 
All of these can be better than sitting at home to consume more food that can lead to weight gain or getting involved in pornography and it\’s vices. 
Did you learn anything? 
Give your own suggestions of what can be done also.
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