Are You Taking Responsibility Or Playing The Blame Game? 


​I have noticed something recently. 
Have you noticed that during arguments over why a lady or a man is still single, there are always statements like \”Men are bad and wicked\”, \”Women are flirt and materialistic \” and so much more? 
Well, that may sound so cool and rewarding to your heart but let\’s look at it this way. 
When Eve gave Adam the apple to eat, I expected him to refuse by standing on God\’s word since he was told directly but he went ahead to eat it and blame her when God asked about it. That was the origin of the blame game. 
That\’s the way many of us are now. 
Why do you have issues with men or women? 
Answer: I have had 5 breakups, I\’m tired of all the men or women have been meeting.
Have you ever asked yourself \”Why do I accept these people in my life? \”
During a dating class, Allison shared that \”The problem is not that you attract wrong men or women, the problem is that you accept them \”.
We live in a era where you expect a guy or lady to change for love. 
There are some people that come into your life so fast that you need to caution yourself and really find out their mission. Stop the pity party. Not all relationships will lead to marriage, you will learn from some. Stop blaming others for your state and issues. 
When you choose to change from the blame game tactics,  your mind immediately thinks of new ways to accept better people and understand your worth. Even when it doesn\’t work, your mind tells you to be more careful and get better. 
Even some businessmen make mistakes before getting it right, it doesn\’t make a  business bad. 
The more you blame your ex, your family, your friends, your situation, the media and your past, the more you remain blind to the mistakes you are repeating. 
Ask yourself; \”How can I become more careful and ask better questions before dating?\” \”What can I do to make better decisions? \”\”What can I learn from my past relationships that can correct my future relationships \”.
I\’m totally grateful for all my past relationships because they showed me a lot that is helping now. 
You are responsible for your life and decisions. Don\’t be led by emotions. 
Take responsibility and create your future. 

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