Hello Readers: Do I Allow Him Have Sex With Me To Keep Our Relationship?

Hello Readers,
Am Jane. I have been in a relationship for two years now and I have been struggling with my partner.
We both love each other and have plans for marriage. When we started the relationship, I gave him some conditions which he agreed to. I told him no sex and no sleeping over at his house. He agreed to it and things went on smoothly. We usually go out on dates and visitation to friend\’s place which helps us overcome the temptation.
Suddenly after one year, he started requesting for sex. I reminded him of our agreement but it fell on deaf ears. He threatned to leave me if I don\’t prove the love I have for him.He has stopped picking my calls and answering my chats. I really love him and I don\’t want to loose him. Have been thinking of allowing him but am also scared. My parents know about us likewise his. His friends and my friends are so eager for the wedding day. I can\’t imagine the shame of a break up. He is a cool guy and has been taking care of me too. We plan to settle down around August this year. Does it really matter that we involve sex as we plan ahead?
Do you think I should let him or let go which seems so hard for me?
Am so confused

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  1. Hi there.
    I think I have an idea how it feels.

    What are your thoughts? Are you willing to bow to the pressure? Are both of you ready to make do with the fact that your relationship might not remain the same again?

    I do not practise mainstream religion, matter of fact, I left institutional christianity and most of her teachings a while back. But there is something about the sacredness of sex that transcends the walls of religion as far as I'm concerned.

    Why engage in an act that you won't be fully committed to?
    Why have sex and end up riddled with so much guilt while you're at it and immediately you're done?

    My views on this matter remains largely subjective, and I won't try to sound so legalistic with you my dear, no I won't. We've all had our failings as individuals.

    If the guy loves you, whatever it takes, make him see reasons. Perhaps he has a complex, tell him you find him attractive, massage his ego, cry if you have to, you've come too far to let your anything weaken your resolve. I congratulate you, keep on.

    If you demand monetary gifts from him, inter alia — now might be the time to stop!

    If all else fails, you might wanna give the relationship space.

    Should he make good on his threat and leave you, he was never truly yours and I daresay, might have ulterior motives. If you think you'll regret your not giving it to him after coming this far, think again.

    Last word to the guy, whoever he is; BE REASONABLE

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