Amongst the married men I have counseled, some of the points they gave me for their marriage going down the bricks keep breaking my heart.

The first had two girlfriends, he was in love with one while the other was a desperate attachment. He ended up giving the two names to his mother who took it to the mountain to pray with her prophet. They came back with the name of the person he wasn\’t in love with. Unfortunately for him, he went ahead to marry her. Two years down the marriage, he complains bitterly that it has been hell on earth as she has become a VAMPIRE IN HIS DIARY.

The second man agreed to date a lady because his spiritual father introduced them since he had no serious person. The lady got desperate and mounted pressure on him. All in the name of what my \”Father-in-the-Lord\” would think, he went ahead to marry her. I see them from time to time and I must confess that they are two strangers living together in an apartment. She is so insecure that all his staff and friends have to cope with her usual thought of \”You are going out with my husband\”. He complains bitterly and everyone has fled from him to avoid her troubles. His female staffs are also leaving one after the other, save the respect he has built for himself.

There is nothing wrong in involving your pastor in your relationship but it goes wrong when you decide based on just their JUDGEMENT and not your personal CONVICTION.

Most people think that the fact that their pastors have confirmed the relationship, it means all would be well in the marriage, sorry to disappoint you, tou need to shine your eyes well before you say \”I DO\”.

Most people think God would come down from heaven to make the relationship work. They feel things would automatically generate into a successful marriages. Even pastors that don\’t have time for their marriage suffer from marriage issues.

After your pastor has prayed, it is necessary for you to pray also, observe the characters and choose wisely.

There are a whole lot of things you should know before taking that leap into marriage as it can positively influence who you end up with.

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