#Singlesdate: When Should I Walk Out Of A Relationship?


Hey , good evening and welcome to #SinglesDate courtesy of @RelCapsules. My name is Earl, and I am Alright

Thank you @RelCapsules for this honour. Give me a knock if I misuse it. *winks. #SinglesDate

My responsibility this Friday evening is to answer WHEN SHOULD I WALK OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP? Truth is, it could be now. #SinglesDate

Hey, friend, that doesn’t mean you should pack your heart away from that relationship o. maybe yours need more work. #SinglesDate

I will do everything to make it easy for you to understand and get my point. #SinglesDate

See ehn, any relationship that doesn’t acknowledge, respect & honour your values & person is bad. #SinglesDate

If the relationship doesn’t make you become & feel better, why continue with it? #SinglesDate

I believe in working on your relationship & fighting for it too. But, is there hope & a glimpse of light? #SinglesDate

A relationship that stresses you as a single will stress you more in marriage. #SinglesDate

A cheat & fornicator is a cheat & adulterer in the making; practicing & rehearsing. #SinglesDate

I’m concerned because this affects my jobs as a lawyer with #GracevilleChambers & a counsellor with #AlrightsPassion #SinglesDate

Yeah, my job is to help young people master their sexuality & minister Sexual Healing through Spoken Words. #SinglesDate

And I’m a general in God’s army & my command is to ensure sexual purity & healing throughout God’s kingdom. #SinglesDate

The divorce rate amongst couples below 30years in Naija is getting alarming & out of hand. #SinglesDate

Shuu, na when una marry sef wey e come be say una don already dey talk of divorce? Last month? #SinglesDate

Wait o, na person force una marry? No be una print IV una sef come choose asoebi? Oghenebiko o #SinglesDate

Truth is bitter, but a simple pill; it would’ve been better for God, humanity & the community if they broke up. #SinglesDate

Someone said that 7reasons mom gave me not to marry are the 7reason I divorced her 7years after. #SinglesDate

And Oga Job talk am say na wetin e fear pass, na im come happen to am (Job 3:25). #SinglesDate

Once there’s something in your partner or the relationship you coan’t handle or fix, QUIT! #SinglesDate

If you don’t quit now free-off-charge, you’ll pay me heavily to do your divorce. *winks#SinglesDate

Yeah, there are some peculiar reasons to quit. If you can’t fix them, biko, ejoor, quit. #SinglesDate

I know a breakup is like a mini-death for the first few weeks, but divorce is worse. I almost said “I Swear”. #SinglesDate

So, if there’s anything that violates your personal & religious values & you can’t fix or handle it, QUIT O! #SinglesDate

And this includes anything that violates your faith, sexuality, career, ministry, family & marriage ideology, money. #SinglesDate

If it violates your body or soul by way of abuse, hurt, disrespect, QUIT. #SinglesDate

If you can accommodate the wahala, handle it FOR LIFE or maybe fix it, stay. If not, RUN! #SinglesDate

I know God can change him/her, but does s/he want to change? That’s the koko o in this change thing. #SinglesDate

In relationships, “I’ve/I’ll change” isn’t sufficient. We must all see the fruit of repentance (Luke 3:8 NLT). #SinglesDate

So, if you can put up for life with slapping, letting down, disrespect, lying & cheating, stay. If not, if the needful. #SinglesDate

Even if the dude or babe is highly spiritual & anointed, QUIT. You aren’t marrying a spirit or anointing, but a person & character. #SinglesDate

Maybe you think I am not getting your gist, but read 1Cor 5:9-11 and your eyes go clear like DSTV. #SinglesDate

Most domestic violence, rape & abuse we see on Media is because someone refused to quit. #SinglesDate

And I’m sure you don’t want your romance story to be another proof of LOVE IS WICKED which it’s not. #SinglesDate

However, don’t walk out based on just mere feelings. They’ve a reputation for lying, you know. #SinglesDate

Don’t raise unreasonable excuse to quit. God & man won’t be happy with you if you do that. #SinglesDate

But lemme invite you to SEXUAL HEALING, 5pm 20th @GH_OuterRingRd, Ibadan. #SinglesDate

We would also stream live audio of it at www.mixlr.com/alrightspassion #SinglesDate

Thank you @RelCapusles. It’s your relationship with Jesus that makes your other relationship(s) sweet. You Rock! #SinglesDate

Counselling at #AlrightsPassion if free. You can whatsapp 08125086798 to gist with me. #SinglesDate

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Good night friends. You may choose to join me on #AlrightsPassion every Tuesday by 6pm. YOU ROCK! #SinglesDate

By Earl Alright

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