#SinglesDate: Before You Start That Relationship

1a. Hello tweeps, it\’s a great time here again as I would be sharing on \”Before you start another relationship\”#SinglesDate

1b. I am a Relationship and Sexuality Coach. I help people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds & sexually purified lives.

2. If you have been worried about not been in a relationship or you are planning for one, I think you should pause & learn.#SinglesDate

3. A lot of people chase relationships & don\’t develop themselves only to end up messing up themselves. #SinglesDate

4. I would be highlighting some points that you should consider working on before progressing into the Love Zone.#SinglesDate

5. LOVING YOURSELF: This topic is a common & widely spread message but still yet, a lot of people don\’t understand the depth.

6. It goes beyond looking good with makeup & expensive dresses but dwells into the inner mind.#SinglesDate

7 . Loving yourself enables you to treat yourself right, take wise decisions & avoid misleading preys.#SinglesDate

8. People settle for less out of insecurity & it spreads forth into other areas. Be stable!#SinglesDate

9. Most people always depend on validation from people to believe in themselves, misleading or not.#SinglesDate

10. A lot of people approach SINGLENESS like a SICKNESS that should be treated fast & end up not learning the basics.#SinglesDate

11. You can never love yourself until you have understood the revelation behind God\’s love.#SinglesDate

12. Guilt, pains, betrayals, abuse, inferiority complex et al can be overcomed by loving YOU with reflection of God\’s love.#SinglesDate

13. Desperation for a relationship can be quenched when you see the beauty of your life & working on being a better version of YOU.

14. It is more painful to loose yourself in a person than to loose that relationship.#SinglesDate

15. Total dependence on others result to PUNISHMENT & LIMITATION of your RELEVANCE.#SinglesDate

16. Let go of the past, forgive yourself, move on, enjoy every moment, look before you leap, think before you say \”I DO\”.#SinglesDate

17. DISCOVERING YOURSELF: It is very important to have a vision before you know who would feature in your picture.#SinglesDate

18. We were all born to cause a change but a wrong partner can reverse your change into Disaster.#SinglesDate

19. You cannot use a bicycle wheel for a car, it would never fit. Watch well, not everyone can birth your progress.#SinglesDate

20. LIKEMINDS ATTRACT. Who do you attract? Build a strong personality around your purpose and don\’t be idle.#SinglesDate

21. What do you love, hate or have PASSION for? There could be POINTERS. Read the Purpose driven life by Rick Warren.#SinglesDate

22. Don\’t settle for a MISFIT going somehwere to UNLEASH a NUISANCE but rather find someone who can play a VITAL ROLE in your life.#SinglesDate

23. Your PURPOSE can add more FLAVOUR to your relationship as you both should be adding value to lives.#SinglesDate


BECOME RESPONSIBLE: A lot of people keep blaming the government or background for their failure, they never amount to anything.

25. A relationship comes with COMMITMENT and HARD WORK, how much can you give?#SinglesDate

26. Taking good decisions comes with MATURITY, how well can you decide for your life? Get ready to lead.#SinglesDate

27. Leading deals with SERVING. You have to be HUMBLE & PATIENT to build a lasting relationship. Are you ready?#SinglesDate

28. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your finances, emotions, spirituality, sexuality et al. Master it.#SinglesDate

29. Would you always play the BLAME GAME in your relationship till it crashes because you couldn\’t drop your Ego?#SinglesDate

30. CAPABILITY: How capable are you? Are you of age or stage or you are so desperate to jump the ladder?#SinglesDate

31. Are you FINANCIALLY STABLE? What skills have you acquired? What is keeping you? How do you survive?#SinglesDate

32. Have you gotten EMOTIONALLY BALANCED enough to handle situations or you would always threaten a breakup over slight issues?

33. Would you treat your partner based on your PAST EXPERIENCES? Can you forgive & let go? Consider these!#SinglesDate

34. Have you MASTERED your SEXUALITYor you are still battling with it. It can defile your relationship since if lack self control.#SinglesDate

35. How is your RELATIONSHIP with GOD? How close? How committed? Do you touch HIS hands or HIS heart?#SinglesDate

36. The way a person SERVES GOD and TREAT PEOPLE is a good determinant of their CHARACTER. Watch out.#SinglesDate

37. How do you handle FRIENDSHIP? Do you like the fast method or you love the KNOW-OBSERVE-DECIDE method?#SinglesDate

38. How much do you develop yourself? Do you read books & listen to educative materials? Build GODLY RELATIONSHIPS.

39. Whether you are yet to start or you are in the relationship, take these points seriously and do justice to it. #SinglesDate

40. There are more knowledge to learn in my new Ebook: RELATIONSHIP GUARDRAILS FOR HIM AND HER. It goes for #1,500.

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42. Relationships can be sweet when we apply the right spices. It\’s in your hands to make it work as you pray it out.

43. Invest wisely and choose to have a better relationship. Apply it also because wisdom is knowledge properly applied.

44. Thanks for the feedback, retweets &contributions. I await more of them. Prepare for #SSW next week friday. Details soon.#SinglesDate

45. Stay blessed. Thanks to @alrightspassion for the honor. Thanks all. I love you.#SinglesDate

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