Here Is How To Have The Right Foundation For Your Love Life


So let\’s start from the BEGINNING, the PROPER FOUNDATION.

I remember 7 years ago, when I called my EX, my source of happiness as we spoke on the phone. Though he corrected me but that was my understanding at that stage of my life.

I knew there was something missing. It was like a VOID because I felt EMPTY without an external source of LOVE.

I didn\’t get my relationships right, until I got the foundation right.

What is this FOUNDATION?

Read on…………..

I know that some of you have been through worse situations that has left you wandering around for love and acceptance.

You desire to feel significant and certain about life and your love life.

But the problem is, you haven\’t built a proper foundation.

What is that FOUNDATION?

Read on………….

I have learnt that no man or woman can make you happy ETERNALLY.

Let\’s talk about the woman at the well side.

When Jesus met her, she was confused and had being in several relationships.

She must have thought Jesus wanted to also join the list but he wanted to give her an everlasting flow of joy and happiness that she sought out for in different men.

So he told her about how she had been with different men and the sixth man was still not her husband.

She was shocked. How did he know and how come she still hasn\’t found her own husband?

She must have been a LONELY woman yearning for ACCEPTANCE and where else will she have gotten it if not from the opposite sex?

For some people, their love and validation comes from fame, power, money, friends, followership online, influence and so much more so they chase it so much and it becomes IDOLATRY.

This is why you can be famous and still commit suicide because there is still a level of emptiness that nothing external can fill.

That\’s where the problem is.

You want to get your relationship right but you only turn to God when you need to confirm who the ONE is among 3 CHOICES.

You say that you have prayed but haven\’t gotten a response. Oh! Maybe because you fill your mind with what you want already or because you are after God\’s hand and not his heart.

You have learnt from online gurus that love is about having someone that can make you feel good, pay your bills, give you sexual pleasure, intimacy, babies and security. You go into relationships looking for what you can get because you have nothing to offer.

You get frustrated when your expectations are not met so you keep running around for another kind.

Let me BURST your BUBBLES.

Until you discover God for yourself, build a relationship with Him and place him first in your life, your love life will keep moving on a roller coaster, up and down the rail.

No man or woman can give you UNCONDITIONAL love and support. Humans are filled with IMPERFECTIONS and only get better by the day when they choose to be responsible.

How is your relationship with God?
Posting scriptures with your pictures on Facebook and Instagram doesn\’t equate being God-fearing.

Every time I ask why my clients want a particular man or woman, the list always start with God-fearing but God truly fears most people these days.

You need to go back to the foundation and stop chasing happiness in the wrong places.

Every marriage should have a PURPOSE bigger than any disagreement that can occur.

When you aim to get married just to join the bandwagon of married people, you fall in the queue of NUMBERS and not VALUE.

Today, I urge you to sit down and do a PERSONAL EVALUATION on your life.

What exactly do you want?
If the world ends today, what will really matter?
How responsible are you to life?

There is a kind of rest you have when you know that all things will work for your good.

Faith + Patience = The Promise.

Worry + Fear = More pain and More frustration.

.Heal. Live. Love.

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