How To Discover Your Partner\’s Love Language (Part 1)

For every individual you meet, they have either one or more love languages. The same as studying one’s temperament is the same for love languages. If you fail to study it, you might have more of conflict.

Understanding each other deals with knowing more of your love language ,it will help you know how best toreciprocate your love to your partner.

We have 5 love languages by Gary Chapman.

1. Words of Affirmation.

2. Acts of Service.

3. Quality Time.

4. Receiving gifts.

5. Physical Touch.

I would pick it up one by one: I will be talking on Words ofAffirmation now.


This refers to how you compliment your partner. How often do you express your love and care in words,that is verbally?. Some people believe you love them when you compliment them often. When you stop doing this,they tend to feel your love fading for them. The best way to discover your love languageis by studying what you like to give out to people in action or what gets you angry in your relationship because you are notgetting it. I mean what is that thing you give your partner buthe/ she doesn’t give in return.

If you are the type thatcompliment your lover often but he/she doesn’t ,there is thetendency that you would argue more over not complementing you. You can help your partner by telling them what you want from them more, What gladens your heart. It will help them know how to show it more often to you.You will discover that when you ask people about what they don’t like in their relationship, they would keep saying he/ she doesn’t do this or that. Ladies may say “I keep telling him Ilove him after a call, or I tell him how handsome he is everydaybut he hardly tells me that. Sometimes, I feel he doesn’t loveme””He hardly hold my hands in public too,maybe he is notproud of me”. Relax there, its not that he doesn’t love you. He is just not that kind of person,so you need to teach him what you like and want from him. Some guys will say, “She hardly notices my new haircut or even compliment how it fits me, she doesn’t even tell me how nice my suits are. She never tells mehow much she misses me, I just feel she is not into me”. Well,itis so because she doesn’t know you will like it that way and she probably doesn’t believe in such things.

All you have to do is to sit down and ask yourself what you like most from each other and try to follow it. Your partner’slove language might now be Words Of Affirmation,so you needto study them well. That’s why you need to read the next part on this article.

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